1. The edit they gave her this episode where she was clearly being mature and even-keeled and then it would cut to Mistress or Luxx being like "OH LOOSEY IS SO MAD" drove me nuts. No ladies, you're the ones being assholes. Sorry that it would look better if she was an asshole too but she's not.

  2. You do realize that that some of the comments could have happened at any point of the competition?

  3. If you can afford to go out and eat a $20 meal, but suddenly paying an extra $4 to tip your server is going to throw you into financial ruin, you do not feasibly have enough money to eat out in a financially responsible way, and I would recommend against taking an international vacation to another country with a tipping culture if that is going to be a problem for you.

  4. If you want more money get a better paying job that doesnt depend on tips. See, I can make ignorant arguments too.

  5. Well, that IS an ignorant argument, but mine was not. It would not be responsible to take an international vacation if the difference between a $20 meal and a $24 meal is going to completely mess up your financial situation.

  6. Are you that dense? I don't know about you, but people I know eat multiple times per day. It's not about 1 tip, it's about not having a kitchen in the place you're staying at, and having to eat out for all your meals. Every 3 tipped meals you could basically save up for an additional meal/snack. The entitelment and privilege of your comments is palpable.

  7. If this ever happened, we all know Ru would win cause.... uhm.. you know producers wouldnt allow for a different result

  8. Season 5 Roxxxy. All bullies, though. One being worse doesn’t make the other “not a bully.”

  9. Nope, sorry, this was kinda debunked. Jinx herself has stated how she was always reading back it was just edited out, and that she didn't feel like she was bullied. Also, Roxxy said that some of the behaviour was pushed by producers to create a narative. The only thing real about reality TV is the TV.

  10. Nope, sorry, if there is footage of bully type behavior, then that behavior still exists. Still bully behavior. Nope sorry. Sorry nope. Nope. Nope. Sorry.

  11. It's the editing that's making you feel that way. Had they put laugh tracks behind the "bullying", showed more of Alaska and Jinx hanging out and throwing shade back, you wouldn't even have blinked.

  12. I mean, to play devils advocate, wasnt there some sort of a study that showed kids and teens who watched a lot of content surrounding Tourettes, actually started developing tics?

  13. If Sasha doesn't win, I will be shocked. Mistress and Luxx are locks. Between Lucy and Anetra, I'd like to say Anetra, but she really hasn't had the screen time Lucy has had this season. So, I want Anetra, but think Lucy.

  14. I mean, is there really a song you can see Loosey betting Anetra in a LSFYL?

  15. Yes, a ballad that requires a lot of feeling and doesn't lend itself to gymnastics. I'm certainly team Anetra if it comes down to it, but we've seen production clip the wings of queens with song selection before.

  16. The “Fans”: We Want Drama! This isn’t RuPauls Best Friend Race!

  17. It’s the gays too. My boyfriend doesn’t enjoy anything but the Nick Jr. version of drag.

  18. Yeah, I’m thinking more back in like S1-S6. The show shifted quite a bit after S7.

  19. Im sure I could remember an example or two at least from that era but Im high and dont care enough lol I think runways never truly mattered, other than the ones in design challenges

  20. Oh I remembered one from season 6, TKB lipsynced vs Adore despite having one of the top runways. Way to go high me, making me proud on reddit

  21. Anytime I see these “bullying” think pieces:

  22. I love her! I mean you gotta give it to her, having the tackiEST(itties) package in drag race herstory is iconic behaviour

  23. Miss Vangie was hilarious once we got a better opportunity to know her. She had total wild card energy both in and out of the challenges.

  24. no offense. this not cute. this a waste. luxx needs to shut her mouth and get to socializing that awkward bitch isn’t gonna have much to do after this season over

  25. So calling a competitors drag basic is bad, but calling a drag queen an awkward bitch and telling her to shut up is all right. Sure Jan.

  26. Utica's look literaly ended up being in Vouge if I'm remembering things right. So yep. The highest of higway robberies indeed

  27. The more of this yall post, the more she's going to keep defending herself. Piece of advice for everyone, if you don't like something on the internet, the best thing to do is to IGNORE it. Social media algos see likes and dislikes as the same thing - engagement.

  28. My fantasy is that Robin Fierce comes back for the finale, beat everyone, and wins Season 15.

  29. Don't partake in CaNceL CoUtuRe - use legislation to ban abortions, drag shows and education of racism in america

  30. There's segments to the fandom, and the ones doing this will ignore this post like their parents ignore them probably.

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