1. That was basically how I reacted to this photo too when I first saw it. I swear I laughed for like 5 minutes!

  2. Are they putting little orbs on her claws too? I feel like the claws are the more dangerous part.

  3. I remember reading about those coffins somewhere! The pastry coffin is meant to stand on its own and often wasn’t even eaten. It was basically like a pan in and of itself for the delicious insides to be eaten out of and then discarded.

  4. When I was a struggling and broke recent college grad, I found a brand of beer called "Beer 30", it was like 12 bucks a 30 pack. I think the idea was you were supposed to be asking what time it is and the answer would be it's Beer:30! It was later renamed Pong Beer or something like that, for beer pong playing.

  5. Oh my god, I had forgotten about that beer until your comment here! The one and only time I’ve ever seen or consumed that beer was when I was hanging with a couple of friends when they lived in a trailer park in our early 20’s 😂

  6. I feel you. I work in lab and we’re having a hell of a time getting anything in: vacutainers for blood draws, esp, green and gold tops. Now EDTA ones. Pipette tips, various reagents that we NEED to keep the lab running, virtually anything made of plastic or has plastic components, agar plate for cultures, COVID test kits (PCR testing), specific needle gauges. And if one of our analyzers breaks down, you aren’t seeing a service tech for at least 3-4 days cuz they’re also understaffed and over-worked.

  7. Thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed them and I can’t believe I made it all 31 days! Whew

  8. Not to soon. We're heading into Creepmas season. If Christmas can invade Halloween, why shouldn't we keep celebrating Halloween into the Christmas season?

  9. Is the stress mostly from higher volume of work, or is more going on due to covid?

  10. US Medical Lab Scientist here, the stress is workload and COVID combined. Usually the job is relatively not too stressful. Also to note if you’re in the US you would likely need to get ASCP certified and depending on what state, get licensed. Usually you get a BS or Associates degree, but there are other paths to get ASCP certified. Not sure what the licensing requirements are, I live in a state without it.

  11. I’m not 100% sure cuz I borrowed it from a friend who is not super into anime but that was my first thought when I saw it!

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