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  1. Same whiskey but I recently bought a pipe so I’ve got some Captain Black pipe tobacco

  2. How do people buy the racks, ties, or spears to do this? I always worry I'm using something I shouldn't use. i.e., galvanized metals, zing, or anything cancerous/poisonous.

  3. I bought some chrome shelves from uline for my cook. Worked great and still have the shelves to use for a shelf

  4. I'm truly missing more pics of this good looking beast. where the pics of the crispy skin, the charred bits of the exposed meat. Where's the pulled meat pics.... man you tease! I bet it was awesome!

  5. Yeah I got busy when people started showing. Too much to do. Sorry I feel cheated myself.

  6. What kind of cheese did you use for the queso?

  7. My basset was a nanny dog. She stayed with the kids always. No kid, nieces or nephews or my kids, was left alone. She just tagged along with them and we always knew she was there to watch over them. Their emotional presence is astonishing.

  8. I’ll never be able to flex a whiskey collection. I only keep two bottles at a time. One for everyday and one for special occasions.

  9. I raise pigs for our own use. I usually pay about $300 to get a pig processed. I don’t get a lot of pre made brats or patties so it can go up from there.

  10. It was originally built in 1900, and has been updated many times since so not much original remains.

  11. Looks like somewhere in Iowa. I’d swear it was just down the road

  12. Reiterating a few comments. They look like hens to me. Qualifications: like a lot. Been on Martha Stewart

  13. I hope your right - the three in question just look different than the other 3 barred rock chickens I have which made me think they were roosters.

  14. The one that is slightly greyer is questionable. Barred rock roosters have a double dose of barring so they are much greyer (more white space). Roosters are pretty obvious once you see them. Kind of go, “oh”

  15. Next time you go ask if they have services or tickets to museums in your area, most provide services along those lines. My local big branch even has cake pans you can check out!

  16. The passes are free. It’s amazing. Also ours has a 3d printer and they teach STEM classes to young kids. All free

  17. Won’t get up to go to bed until I do. But I get ready for bed in like 5 minutes, 10 if I shower, but it takes her 20 minutes every night. It’s been 11 years. Then she gets mad I fall asleep so fast. Hell I’ve got 15 minute head start

  18. Looks like it might be an impacted crop. Be real careful removing. Also the other chicken looks fine but the crop is full. It’s cleaner if you remove feed 12 hours before processing.

  19. If it smells off don’t cook it. If it doesn’t it’ll be fine

  20. Any comparison pics or something you can recommend? I would like to put his mind at ease that it isn't something weird or dangerous..

  21. Maybe a drone one too. Ive never had a drone. It looks just like my dads cheap Walmart RC car one that my kids ripped off. Google wasn’t overly helpful

  22. The definition of fakeflation. The media will definitely make you believe it's the "cause." Just like "supply chain issues" are the scapegoat for historic corporate profits.

  23. I’m in the chicken business. Small heritage breeds but Iowa has lost about 31 millions birds (turkey and chickens) so far this year. HPAI is no joke. Chicken and eggs are going to be tighter then we have seen since 2105

  24. Throw in a handful of herbs, or my favorite, everything bagel seasoning for a twist.

  25. Good whiskey to start the weekend. What’s next ???

  26. I picked up a WhiskeyPig farm stock Edition. It’s not great but it’ll never be made again. So there’s that

  27. Nearly all food that you put in your body. Industrialization has made every non processed food tasteless. All processed foods are delicious but are killing you.

  28. Oban is like a piece of salted caramel from your favorite grandpa. Nice

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