1. Generic, but for a reason: Chrono trigger & chrono cross Final fantasy 7, 8 & 9 Star Ocean 1 & 2

  2. Taylor Lautner: He was a frickin kid, sexualised by his adult employers and audience, went through hell to maintain his physique/ image. Poor guy seems nice as any regular youd let in your house and had his best years trampled by the industry

  3. I just don't get the feet stuff. It's like being aroused by elbows to me it just doesn't mean anything

  4. I think there are better ways to spend $1000. I do t know you or your music, but if you can come up with an angle, something to make you or your music stand out and be noticed just a tiny bit more that can snowball. Maybe it’s something novel, like (off the top of my head), ask ChatGPT to write a series of short films based on the lyrics and shoot a bunch of short music videos on your phone based on what is produced. Might not fit, but you get the idea. Or if you feel more comfortable having someone bring their expertise in, do it. Just, as people have said, be careful of scams. Meet/talk with at least 3 people before you agree to anything. Bad PR is like throwing money in the trash, good PR is strategic and targeted.

  5. You sound like a frickin idea machine which I envy haha. ChatGPT isn't even something that crossed my mind so I'll definitely give that a shot! Videos and stuff are a bit out of my price range but yeah was already a bit cautious about the PR thing just wanted other opinions so thank you!

  6. No sweat! It sounds like you are already doing a lot of the right stuff. Another thing is really use your network. I am someone who loves to help people out but have a hard time asking for favors. It’s good to remember that people generally like to help out and spread the word. As long as you don’t go to the same well too often, when something is important for you and a big step, it’s a good time to cash in on friends and relations. Dig deep too, some friends from school now works at x or is friends with so and so. Just reach out and share what you’re making.

  7. Unfortunately it's a world far removed from my own. I don't have people for this sorta thing so trying it on my own. Once I have the record complete I plan to start sharing where I can, good chance nothing will come from it but if I get some gigs life will feel very complete for me haha

  8. I used to get hard when my husband would yell at me. Idk why. I guess seeing him like that turned me on?

  9. People that say "I promise you" when they're trying to convince you of something

  10. No one can, or wants to fuck the same old thing for the rest of their lives. Don't be so small minded

  11. Pretty misleading. If he gets feelings and you're not who you say you are it's pretty sad for him. I think your mistaking being trans for a fetish, which is pretty small minded these days.

  12. I don't see how he would catch feelings from a hookup. That's the least of my concerns

  13. Yeah I wouldn't doubt other peoples emotions are low on your list. You seem pretty full of yourself based off your comments. Try looking inwards

  14. Up to whatever you're enjoying! If I have trouble cumming it usually comes down to nerves. If you haven't already, some solo play with toys might help

  15. Oh cool, so who's betting on woman, and who's betting on black Frodo? Or both?!

  16. Would you call a magazine a book? Would you call a picture taken with a camera a painting?

  17. I find all sorts of guys turn me on at different times, but my husband always does! Especially as he's happy for us to have an open relationship, and for me to occasionally fuck or be fucked by some of those other types of guys!

  18. Yeah I'm leaning more and more towards me being that guy. Monogamy to me just sounds so end of the line. I think I've always known it just need to get over insecurities

  19. Metallic, sometimes off tasting, like when you have a cold and have snot going down your throat. Multiple bad things all in one really

  20. You realise that your dad would only be angry with that man in this situation right? Sounds like you were a kid when he started grooming you. I'd be going through your phone and looking for any evidence of photo exchanges prior to turning 18, this would be him accepting/ requesting child porn from you. You have the upper hand here but you need to talk to your dad, a friend, or the police here because he is black mailing you for sex. Collect any evidence you have and reach out to anyone you can. Don't keep it between the two of you because you never know if he will turn violent

  21. You can always bring it down to porn statistics. Outside of that it's all being polite

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