1. Nah bunny hoping is more OP. Bunny hoping makes the person miss shots by them especially hitting their lower body as they jump while making them track in a different direction.

  2. Yeah that sucks. Or maybe the previous owner was hardware banned?

  3. 100% wouldn't doubt that to be the case

  4. I always thought it was just a bunch of weird shaped fish when I was a kid. When it clicked for me that it was an S was a radical restructuring of the world.

  5. When I was a kid learning to read he was called "Teräsmies" so I didn't even know that his name is supposed to start with an "S" I realised my mistake when I saw the Original Superman movie on TV, movies aren't dubbed here so they kept calling him "Superman" that's when it all clicked.

  6. I play controller on a PC. Anyone who bitches about aim assist is actually delusional, a controller and MNK player of the same skill get into a fight the MNK player has an insane movement advantage. You have no direction change lag from having to move the sticks back into an upright position before going left to right and it is significantly more difficulty to hit accurate shots.

  7. You need to start aiming less with your right stick, all you need to do jump around and wiggle your left stick while barely moving right stick and you'll see how AA is broken.

  8. Get rid of rotational aim-assist, increase TTK and nerf water.

  9. They literally did bring back one shot snipers and I love it

  10. Is that gun supposed to be an stg with a scope and bayonet??

  11. They way kills are counted is so messy and confusing. Countless times I've seen the 5 killstreak banner appear in the top right corner for either myself or teammates whilst the scoreboard only shows 4 kills.

  12. Oh, lol. I just did that about a week ago for the poly camo

  13. That’s what’s up. I actually just finished my Orion last night. So when I seen knife from behind that’s what came to mind.

  14. Tell her that you’ve Aladdin’d her from Jafar. Girls love that disney shit

  15. Something tasteful, a little kissy kissy and anal?

  16. pretty sure thats a bot dude.

  17. Gonna say, the person with 8 kills had almost the same amount of damage done as he did. Gotta give props where props are due. Nice game though. Always feel nice to have a great game. I find I am the one being killed by someone else having a great game more often lol.

  18. Aim assist for controllers is not aim bot.

  19. I mean it is though, obviously not the strongest aim bot but it still counts.

  20. And all others pale in comparison to the Vanguard camo grind, 350 longshots on the Bren ALONE, all with horrible builds that you have to use.

  21. Recently got off AT&T "legacy" DSL, 6 Mbps down / ~384 Kbps up, and this was literally a thing.

  22. That shit is straight up illegal in my country.

  23. 1gb fiber? That sounds amazing, I’m running on sky broadband, I can’t even run the game properly on the lowest graphics settings on ps5

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