1. Doctor Strange goes on defensive and uses passive shields for both his Physical Form & Astral Form (

  2. Eh, I get the appeal but it's really just.... they're powerful they punch the best

  3. I mean Doomsday has spikes and Hulk has Gamma Radiation.

  4. Sandman has perfect control over his sand body and unlike One Piece Logia users, those users are made of their substance making them intangible, but only when they activate it. They're Logia is not always active 24/7, meaning they're not truly intangible. Sandman is truly intangible since he doesn't need to activate his sand substance to be intangible, he's already intangible, he doesn't have a physical form a Haki user can bring him into since he doesn't have one. Sandman is comprised of only sand, meaning he's in-organic.

  5. Conquers could prevent sandman from doing anything it could put sandman into a physical form and knock him out allowing croc to use armament to finish the job.

  6. What do you think about my Marvel vs Non-DC Season & my DC vs Non-Marvel Season?, along with both of the Honorable Mentions in the comments?:

  7. Yes, characters with Acausality can exist out of causality /fate.

  8. Could you perhaps be unaffected by Causality/Fate if you're a "Living Anomaly" and you can break the rules of reality?

  9. Destiny gives all 3 to basically any character that has paracausal powers. Theyre handed out like candy

  10. Is there anyway to counter Destiny Manipulation like with any other haxes or something else?

  11. Doctor Strange, Doctor Fate, Ultron, Mario, Vergil, Sephiroth, Heihachi, Doctor Doom, Doomsday, Spongebob, Homelander, and Reverse Flash.

  12. Am surprised that Wiseman is higher than "dream "and parallax since his less popular.

  13. I'm sure Dream of the Endless/Sandman and Parallax have some connections but Sandman seems more like a debate MU and I don't really see the appeal of Parallax, that's why Sinestro is above Parallax since he fits Nightmare better than Parallax. Wizeman has potential and looks pretty intriguing.

  14. NO, NOT DOCTOR FATE! I guess the Doctor of Fate can't escape the fate of popularity votes

  15. *using Starship Hulk, along with Immortal Hulk and World Breaker Hulk

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