AITA for asking my cousin to step down as bridesmaid?

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  1. In my opinion it's silly to get an SUV as a "fun" vehicle anyway. It's a family and stuff hauler, and the Palisade is great at that. I got a Mustang for my fun car.

  2. I'm just a mom in her 30s trying to make the best of my drive to preschool drop off. You are right though...darn it. At least I'm not at mini van level.

  3. Blue jeans will bleed on lighter color leather. And my self tanner will stain it.

  4. Get in a current x7 and see if you like the dash. It’ll look like that

  5. I’m in Wilmington, but bought my SX Prestige at MSRP in Chesapeake, VA in December!

  6. Ooh I'm also in Wilmington and looking for that exact model. I'm going to call Reggie today!

  7. My 12 month old, at the time, was bit by a dog on NYE 2020. This is so... Triggering. It hit an emotion I can't describe. Fear. Panic. Worry. Anger. All at once.

  8. Do some people actually find this attractive and swipe right?? Oh wow...

  9. Insanely frustrating! It’s probably too late now I know but have you discussed at-home insemination for situations like these?

  10. Honestly that's a great idea and I forgot that option. He's probably going to refuse but I'm going to ask anyway.

  11. Dang OP is going to come in here and lie to all of us like he did his wife. Smh.

  12. I actually screenshotted the side view of the black dress bc it SCREAMS baby bump. And I have been against that theory for a while. And then the next slide is about frose so I just don’t even know what to think. All I know is she looks 5 months pregnant in that black dress.

  13. I hate speculation on a woman's body but it does appear she may be pregnant. She seems to only have a bump and no other part of her body looks much bigger. Buuuut I'm feeling a little bloated myself from eating biscuits yesterday sooo lol

  14. Did I hear her correctly that she has a dog walker???Why do they need a dog walker? They don’t have jobs like the rest of us that require them to be gone during the day. SMH…. So lazy she can’t even let her dogs out for exercise a few times a day.

  15. No way lol she lays on the couch eating pickles and lunch meat when she's not online shopping

  16. Test day fast approaching and causing me real anxiety. The hope fortress is so gigantic and solid that I’d rather just stay in the TWW forever than have to face more disappointment. Had mastered the art of blissful carelessness (a la nothing we can do now!) quite well and was feeling good about it.

  17. My guess would be because it’s wrong (ink is not squirted through the tubes for an HSG test for tubal patency) and the “this happened, and then successful pregnancy!” is heading into bingo-ing territory which is not allowed in the sub.

  18. NAH I'M WITH YOU EFF THAT DOG. I HOPE HE PASSES AWAY SOON. My husband's dog is no longer with us after biting our son. 🤞🏼 fingers crossed for you. I'd get rid of him asap. Also, your husband sucks for putting you in this position.

  19. I'm married and never changed my name. I don't understand why more people don't change their name back after a divorce. Just because of kids? I have a child that has his father's last name. It just doesn't bother me. Maybe I am the odd one out. I suppose it depends on the reasons behind the divorce.

  20. Definitely drugs. Sad. I was a party girl in college, so I get it. I quit being the party girl by my mid 20s. I hope she quits too. At some point you have to mature and realize there's so much more to life than partying.

  21. But but but…he does have a job. He’s aN AnGeL iNvEsTeR 🙄 hahaahahah

  22. Yes I don’t understand it myself. Men have this innate desire to be the breadwinner & be the protector & provider… it’s part of their masculinity to want to have ambition & drive as most men view their jobs/career as part of their identity . Men’s egos are fragile in the sense that when they don’t have this, they will feel emasculated.

  23. THIS! I'll admit I'm the breadwinner in my family but I've also invested a lot of money into my husband this year getting his business started. He's very motivated and working hard to earn more and be a better provider. Laura has all the resources to do the same for her husband but he has no ambition. Like none. Imagine having the resources to do something, anything, and doing absolutely nothing. I just can't. An "angel" investor. Suuuree... I have actual Angel investor friends and they are very busy, very ambitious, and incredibly goal oriented.

  24. Finally TTC #2 after delaying a year due to meds that can cause birth defects. I came off in March and was cleared to try in April but decided to wait until May to avoid a January baby (lots of birthdays and holidays in Dec/Jan). I ovulated Friday and we didn't get a chance all week to BD until that night and TMI couldn't finish. I couldn't sleep all night I was so upset about missing our window. Super lame problem to have, I know, but I've waited longer than I wanted to try again and I'm halfway to 38. I talk about it all the time to my husband and now I think the pressure caused him performance anxiety. He told me how guilty he felt about and I was crying because now I feel like that is also my fault. I hope June is a better month.

  25. YTA. You are 29 years old and couldn't see how awful you are to do this to your cousin?

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