1. I just finished this and it was my first Warhammer book as well - it's awesome.

  2. Been playing a lot of Destiny - they'd be able to hold their own depending on what they got in to. The power scale of both universes seems somewhat similar on a broad strokes level.

  3. Nah it was the Children of God ones aka "Dad's a sexy guy." Literally the worst subject matter for a sex toy company to run ads with. I'm positive the boys started paying more attention to brand safety after it.

  4. Every time I see this kind of argument it’s like, my brother in christ, why the fuck did you make so many of the new ones then? So your arms industry has just been regressing?

  5. As a new light the grind for stasis is the first thing in Destiny that made me understand people who complain about the game.

  6. Sounds fake, why would he want DOJ to step into space x? What is the benefit

  7. Given his history with the SEC, I don't think he gives much thought to these kind of potential consequences.

  8. SEC is toothless, DOJ and military can and will pull projects due to national security risk

  9. Sure, but the point being that he doesn't consider that they will come for him. He tends to shoot from the hip i.e. waving diligence on the twitter deal.

  10. I’ve been on Destiny 2 hard recently and can recommend, even though you said not to haha

  11. Ayo hold tf up that Kherson frontline looks mighty weird since the last time I checked NCD. Did the Russians have ANOTHER COLLAPSE and I didn't hear about it?

  12. Lately it’s safest to assume the answer your question is always “yes”

  13. A “Bonko the Everything Dog” pin from the skinwalker ranch series would be sweet

  14. I actually just downloaded Starcraft 2 which is an RTS but might also fit the bill. Tons of things going on at the same time that you have to react quickly to. Plus the base game is currently free to play.

  15. I know it’s good and no-one cares but goddamn that thing is ugly

  16. Parrying and visceral attacks are a hugely important skill to master, and I recommend actively practicing it for a while when you first start playing. It doesn’t take long to get the timing down and it’s a huge difference maker throughout the game. Also if you’re coming over from the dark souls series / Elden ring you want to be much more aggressive in combat generally.

  17. I don’t know for sure, but I’ve seen them interacting.

  18. Have you talked to this neighbor? Maybe they’re also trying to get rid of them?

  19. Not a cop, but I see a lot of other people chiming in.

  20. Man holy shit if there’s a heaven there’s a place in it set aside for you

  21. As a graduate from a similar liberal arts college in the NE this is the most Oberlin shit I’ve ever heard

  22. If this is true it’s an absolute game changer. Russian momentum has been stalled for months and now they’re losing a huge logistical hub. Even with general mobilization it would be a lost war in the east.

  23. Russians seeing Ukrainians aggressively driving in fucking Humvees with WWII era machine guns: OH MY GOD NAVY SEALS HAVE ARRIVED

  24. Put some respect on Ma Deuces’ name, she’s been slinging hatred since WW1 and showing no signs of stopping

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