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  1. I'm just as impressed that he started doing compressions after he got it pulled over. Holy shit this kid is a natural EMT.

  2. Ok. This still isn’t assault. Absolutely nothing bad happened in this video other than the people who taped it and screamed at him. You can delude yourself as much as you like 👍

  3. When someone tells you not to touch them, and you grab them, it's assault my dude.⁰

  4. NTA. You have a fairly simple boundary. He keeps ignoring it and lying about it. I would say you two aren't compatible. There are plenty of men who can respect this boundary. Ignore the meat heads telling you otherwise.

  5. Going against the grain. NTA. You were obviously very uncomfortable with being her token Korean. It is a prejudice way to treat people, and I'm sorry you were uncomfortable all weekend.

  6. I dunno, anyone with a 6-pack instantly kinda seems more attractive- especially if it's like a Corona or a good IPA.

  7. Skyrim. I've done 100% play through as every race, done every different story line, and honestly I still play lol

  8. NTA what she is doing can potentially cause health issues (from what very little I know about caring for a lizards). It's borderline animal neglect.

  9. YTA. So much going on here. First, YTA for hopping into a relationship with a daughter-aged woman only a couple months after your wife died & not allowing yourself proper time to grieve. Second, YTA for not supporting your daughter's feelings who is CLEARLY still grieving the loss of her mother, by moving in a stranger who will be sleeping with you in her late mother's bed. Third, YTA she said she was not comfortable meeting this woman, AND YOU DECIDE TO MOVE HER IN?!?!? She easily could have stayed with friends, at a hotel, or with family. I honestly have NO idea how you will be able to repair your relationship with your daughter.

  10. Nope. I am on four different asthma medications, and would have died as a child as it was MUCH worse for me then.

  11. ESH. It's annoying having someone stick their arm out for something that wasn't asked for. It's also annoying to be spoken to in that manner. You're both belittling each other.

  12. It makes me happy that they have the emotional maturity to recognize that healthy growth takes facilitation.

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