1. I'm not going to be a tester on this, but I wanted to explain why.

  2. The articles are a lot better than you imagine right now, also nothing stops you from using them as a starting point and editing them yourself. Still faster than writing from scratch and it would be impossible to tell it apart from 100% human written content.

  3. can you provide more details? whats the difference between your AI and chat gpt? how accurate will the content be? do you have any sample content from your AI?

  4. You can sue the estate, his children or spouse have inherited the house and belongings of the guy. Also the insurance is still on the hook IMO since it had a legal, binding contract during the time he was active. Get a lawyer asap, getting a first opinion will just cost you $500 even with the most expensive lawyers.

  5. He opened the dispute himself, no credit card does that automatically (?).

  6. There will be all kinds of scams, you will see people signing up with fake credit cards to receive the commission.

  7. Do you have a plagiarism checker feature? While a lot of people believe in AI, plagiarism is a huge issue for some writers

  8. Hey, have you had any success figuring this out?

  9. Hi, I also had exactly the same problem, were you able to fix it?

  10. Yo, this HeronAI.com sounds pretty damn cool. $16 a month for unlimited unique content? Sign me up. I've been using other AI content generators that cost me a fortune, but this seems like a way better deal. Plus, the wordpress integration is a game changer. I'm definitely gonna give it a try during the free trial. Thanks for sharing!

  11. Thanks so much for your feedback! : )

  12. You've had your website for only a month and you have 599 clients already from word of mouth alone ?

  13. 1.5 months and yes, AI/GPT is all the rage right now. Also $16/month is something everyone can afford, its not only businesses who use my platform.

  14. When was the last time you bought candy from someone cold-calling you?

  15. Yes I would use it and buy it if it costs less than $20!

  16. oh nice. will sign up for a trial.

  17. You can get the AI to make a list for you with content relevant to your niche, then you can literally copy + paste the topic in and create individual articles from it ; )

  18. Oh ? The AI generates the content ideas as well ?

  19. Yes, you can prompt it to do so!

  20. Try selling covered calls to average down

  21. Highly interested please drop me a PM with the link!

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