Sonic manager refuses to give a minor a day off after four of her friends die.

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  1. Pretty sure I got the achievement after midnight passed. Maybe that's it.

  2. Vrel has said that its fair to consider Whitney a chav, so it’s likely they’re poor

  3. Holy shit. Fem Whitney is not beating the M to the B allegations.

  4. Whitney B blasts her Soph Aspin sends in class.

  5. If you plan to focus on combat instead of seduction there are a few things to keep in mind.

  6. I see someone learned the hard way that tentacles can take your kiss virginity 🫡

  7. It'd be nice if it was clearer whether Bailey's protectiveness of the PC was out of pure possessiveness, or if there's a hint of care in there somewhere, but I suppose the mystery is part of their appeal as well.

  8. What's so wrong with with Avery? I think they're alright. There is no way it's more unhinged then living in the woods with a group of wolves.

  9. Avery Whitney and Eden all assault the PC quite violently given the right circumstances. (No shame in liking Avery, I'm a Whitney simp ;))

  10. Oh boy, oh boy, I can't decide between Whitney or Avery and MAYBE Eden, I wonder where I'll– Hm.

  11. Not to be embarrassing and desperate on main but I would give all my earthly possessions away for the chance of having Briar fuck the PC and cuck someone, anyone, so help me God–

  12. I just want my little smut game people to fight over me. To the victor go the spoils!

  13. Arm myself with the nearest blunt object because if Whitney's in my house I fear for my holes.

  14. It being considered bold or even rude to tell someone (privately) that their fly is down or they have something in their teeth or something like that. Like I'm trying to help you why are you mad 😭

  15. I find it really funny how much of a simp Whitney is for PC. Following PC out of math class if River kicks them out, pushing a random NPC out of the way so he can sit next to PC, and then pushing past his friends just because school is over and he wants a kiss from PC.

  16. Yeah it's adorable lmfao 😭 There's affection somewhere deep in there but sadly he only knows how to express one emotion and it's wrath.

  17. "I'm Whitney's pet! You're just a lonely freak!"

  18. Vrel himself said he wanted to portray assault and its effects realistically in DoL because porn games typically gloss over that. Personally, as someone who's been through trauma, I'm grateful that he did and I'm glad OP learned something.

  19. He FIRED her for that?? That's basically cartoon villain levels of evil.

  20. Romance is mentioned but there's no actual romantic subplot between any characters.

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