1. Is her name Hanna? Hanna test kits are getting out of hand!

  2. What’s the point of having something with a +/- 3% accuracy?

  3. Mine measured only 1% variance out of the box. I used the calibration kit because I bought it previously so why not lpl

  4. 🤷‍♂️ manufacturer states its only +/-3% accurate.

  5. Yes, the manufacturer states that because they can not guarantee consistent percentages. The one I bought was 1%+ consistently. After calibration, I've seen minor fluctuations of no more than .3%+/- With almost 30 years in the aquarium hobby, I have redundancy for days on everything, lol Honestly of my cigars are in a wooden humidor and not a tupperdor than I'd have three to four different hygrometers

  6. It was a joke because most of this sub recommends 65% RH as opposed to 70/70 rule. I find that I enjoy my cigars at 65% better than 70%, but, I was just poking fun at most of the advice given here.

  7. Top fin tanks are tempered glass. You try to drill it for a overflow you will shatter the glass panel. Personally I started with a canister and still use one to this day. I would get a different canister. The fx series is okay at best. Look into the 07 series for fluval. I am currently running a sunsun hw3000 on my reef and absolutely love it and the pricing for them.

  8. Easy answer more flow Middle answer manganese(tested through icp tests) Hard answer, not all gonis will survive tank life. Been keeping and rehabilitate gonis for several years now. Judgeing by the color go high flow less light. Not cave dark but a nice shaded area away from direct light. A short bath in a iodine based coral dip can also help.

  9. Why I preach K.I.S.S to all newcomers to the hobby. Keep everything simple and worry less. Been in the aquarium hobby 28 years and I can say the more complex, the more it goes neglected. Base your tank on what you have time for. If you have time to deal with high tech stuff then go that route

  10. Only one cigar I can think of that I gladly pay $25+ for was the black diamond #7. Older blend from diamond crown. becoming a hassle to track down, but absolutely worth it. It was a dark oily Maduro that absolutely screamed in your face chocolate. Should have bought boxes years ago but was young and dumb 🤷‍♂️

  11. Lol if this worries you, just wait till they piss and moan/play dead in a corner

  12. Small batch cigars does a monthly subscription that I've heard very good things about.

  13. Thank you for the suggestion, I will have to look into that one

  14. if there is a possibility of receiving a gurkha its a hard pass.

  15. Yeah gurkhas I've never cared for or found one that I needed to have

  16. I like cigars daily, and as a business, they're not terrible but watching his videos is like seeing the sham wow guy all over again lol

  17. The Liga Privada Papas Fritas have been my go-to short smoke this winter so far. About 30-35 minute smoke. Perfect for a brisk dog walk…but I did burn through three of them hanging up Christmas lights!

  18. Hard pass, would rather do the Arnold jig with a story involving a rich man and a cigar lol

  19. I went used to use 69 in my tupperdor but RH was always 71+. Switched to 65 and maintains 68-69 Rh. I also dry box(just place the cigars for a day or two outside humidification) before smoking

  20. Haven’t heard about dry boxing until I got on this sub. Is there an alleged benefit?

  21. If you keep humidity around 70 in a humidor or tupperdor you'll get burn issues as well as trouble keeping it lit. I use the humidimeter(HumidiMeter Cigar Humidity Tester/Meter/Gauge Accessory

  22. If it's celo'd than let it mellow, if it's naked smoke it down lol

  23. Happy birthday! That’s a nice travel humidor!

  24. Currently experiencing longer than normal wait times. At this time your 18 years out 🤣

  25. I'll cheers to that! Ps. 🖕 to those who judge your style of sip and cut lol

  26. This is why you need an overflow overflow cooler. When that's full then time for the big coolers, followed by the sense of impending doom followed by a fuck it feeling 🤣

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