1. I’m not calling you a slur! I’m just saying you’re From Atlanta Georgia

  2. Was Salina’s look kind of insane looking? Yes. Am I starting to warm up to her runways? Absolutely.

  3. That mug, bitch. RuPaul’s about to tell her to give Marcia some tips

  4. Kind of sad Jax just has a downward TR from here, but on the plus side I’m excited to see her really perform

  5. I feel so bad for her I want to give her a hug

  6. And what exactly is Detox planning on doing about the global recession we are in

  7. Thinking about how Aura will devour the challenge AND runway this episode… the most dominant episode performance since Aquaria’s Snatch Game… Plastique’s Farm to Runway… it’s her episode and everyone else is taking a back seat

  8. I went to a Mistress Isabelle show and she flicked my vagina

  9. Sucking clit and cock, omg, bi and sexual

  10. Remember when Brooke said she was scared of the vaccine turning everyone into zombies?

  11. Anetra Sasha Mistress Ruxx Noir London oh yes!!

  12. I had a dream where Gigi Goode was on both S12 and S13 and she reached both finales, S12 with 4:22056: 1:22061: and S13 with 4:22056: 0:22061: and she was :22083: both times (winners Jaida and Symone still) but she was just so :27594:. When she is 4:22056: 1:22061: in AS9>>>

  13. I had the same dream too! But then RuPaul called her professional. It’s over girlie

  14. 🤪🔨❗️ 🤪🔨❗️ 🤪🔨❗️

  15. What in gay hell is CUM TOWEL? Is that like the infamous Reddit cum box

  16. Like ok, I understand using a towel over a tissue if you want to be eco-friendly. But then it goes into the wash. I can’t imagine just leaving it out

  17. Canada is leading the world in cringe. Something’s going on up here and it’s just foul

  18. Earlier today Mistress, Malaysia and Salina were in a Twitter space. Salina said she’s really excited for her runway look four weeks from now

  19. Alright. It’s time for me to be open about it. I am expressing interest in stanning Aura Mayari, perhaps ironically, for a trial period of time.

  20. The episode 4 tea with Marcia Luxx and the twins sounds like one thing I would have LOVED to see in the episode... but alas...

  21. So excited for Luxx’s win… I love her annoying ass

  22. The top level of drag, you’re doing it right now

  23. It’s crazy for fans to expect Bob/Monet to dump Todrick as a friend. Like ok, distance from him publicly, maybe, but they actually hang out. We don’t know what their friendship is like and it’s toxic to expect that level of ownership over them.

  24. They can be besties, but they shouldn't act all shocked Pikachu when fans are unhappy about having him on the podcast

  25. I will say, I don’t think blocking people on Patreon is a good call (though it’s their right to) and I hope they don’t double down.

  26. And what if I told you George Santos is a poster here

  27. Can I say that I knew Bianca would suck as a Pit Stop host? And when I said here that I was not excited for it, and dreading it… well I was downvoted to filth mawma.

  28. One thing about Anetra is she will lick her fingers and pat her pussy on the runway

  29. Loosey releasing new merch the day my boss decides to fuck with the paychecks and not pay us for 40+ hours of work 🙃🙃🙃🙃

  30. Don’t worry I’m sure she’ll still have some available next week

  31. An extermination challenge (inspired by Saw?) where the monsters design traps for other monsters to create a victim look for, and attempt to survive

  32. & all the critiques are “your portrayal was accurate… it just wasn’t funny enough 😣”

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