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  1. I didn't find his comments offensive. Merely accurate. Leastwise for Hollywood movies. A lot of good foreign movies out there. And TV/streaming is pretty good as well.

  2. I assume most of it went to Biden's cronies. :shrug:

  3. Huh. They were just fine with Sen. Byrd. Strange.

  4. Climate change regs definitely disproportionately impacts communities of color. Just saying.

  5. And? She loves illegal aliens. So what's the prob?

  6. Two months ago I had Septoplasty, Bilateral endoscopic modified medial maxillectomy, Bilateral complete ethmoidectomy, Bilateral sphenoidotomy with tissue removal, and left frontal sinusotomy with tissue removal. So far I'm happy. Nose is clear. Can smell better. Less headaches. Well no headaches really.

  7. Beef Butter BBQ to me is #1, though there are lots of other good places that people mentioned

  8. Agree. Their brisket is bangin'! Though the sides are merely aight.

  9. Not only did it not matter, but it was almost celebrated. I mean she interviewed Biden for crying out loud.

  10. Since they started colluding with the current Aministration? :shrug:

  11. Guess he should have dug into the story just a little bit. Too worried about being first, rather than finding the facts.

  12. Jim LaPorta was literally at the doctor, passed along a tip in the Slack channel, when asked on whether he thought they should publish said "above my pay grade", then editor Zeina Karam made the decision to publish.

  13. Yikes. And AP is one of the main sources of news for stations across the country? Really makes you question a lot of it.

  14. Damn, that's a fresh cut. I've seen fish do this while fileting them. Can't say I've ever had red meat twitch.

  15. I think that's shorthand for the President doing it unilaterally via executive order is unconstitutional. Although it's a red herring because the broader argument is about statute, not Constitutionality.

  16. There are plenty of people disagreeing with the last part - there is a huge amount of the country that wants the president to be a dictator in all but name because “republicans keep obstructing bills in the senate”.

  17. This is true. Pretty short sighted, they can't seem to realize, some day a Republican will be in power and use their rules against them.

  18. Hot take but I feel like the parks are overrated anyway. But yeesh people still go to them when they're already overpriced and he finds ways to squeeze even more money out of guests.

  19. Then when you consider there are entire villages of Disney employees in Orlando who can't make a living wage and live in hotels or their cars. WTF.

  20. WTF, they're still going on about Russiagate? Despite that whole fiasco being shown to be fake. In some cases as reported by their own networks. And these are supposed journalists? Yikes.

  21. They're so devoted to the religion that they refuse to believe the facts, even when it comes from their own "trusted" news sources. It really is quite remarkable at just how brainwashed they've become. Meanwhile, big pharma is scrooge mcduck style swimming through their billions of profits.

  22. The CIA executed many coups or junta (military coup de etats) to keep south and central american governments from using their own fields. The far right military oppressive govt. Then worked with US to keep the resources comin.The United fruit co. (I believe) introduced bananas to the US in early 1900s and they were a hit. Same with Iran and BP. Iran wanted to nationalize their oil, so cia reinstalled the Shah after they had their first democratically elected leader ousted by CIA. This is why Iran attacked our embassy 25 yrs later and still hates us. We destabilized central and south america because of greed, communism scares and cocaine. Now we complain they come seeking asylum. Try telling that to conservatives. These countries wanna nationalize they're own crops. Uncle Sam wasnt having it. See CIA intervention in south/ central America

  23. The interesting thing is a lot of the asylum seekers from South America, when they get citizenship, end up voting Republican. Coming from Socialist countries they have no desire to see it implemented here. Conservatives should probably stop fighting it, lol.

  24. My nostrils would just be all hair, lol

  25. A shining example of everything wrong with our country.

  26. I have a small glass measuring cup. I warm the water in that, then pour into my netti pot. Never felt safe putting the water in plastic then heating it.

  27. If you like "good" coffee, Just get a coffee grinder, they're relatively inexpensive. If you like regular store brand ground coffee, then you prob don't need to bother. Whole beans retain their freshness longer too, an added bonus.

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