1. he has all support and love here. horrible to hear but i’m so happy he’s stable.

  2. i have a newborn that i’m already playing maiden around them constantly. never too early!

  3. grew up in the early-mid 00s so Meg White was a big deal for me. also saw them in concert once! so awesome

  4. dying is perfectly normal and boring. everyone and everything does it. most importantly, death makes everything we do on earth beautiful.

  5. i prefer matter of life and death/senjustu. all great albums though!

  6. trains of thought? Was that a Dream Theater reference of am I crazy?

  7. i don’t listen to dream theater but it can be a dream theater reference if you want it to be

  8. saw a mom and dad with their two young kids at a maiden concert last october. it’s a family affair! no shame man. just make sure you have a good time.

  9. Few years back I saw the same thing at a Priest show. So awesome to see the youngsters at a metal show

  10. saw a dad and his 6 year old son together at the same maiden show. i cant wait to do that shit it’s so sweet to see

  11. i miss these unis. new ones are fine they’re just so soulless

  12. Another one from Stratego: I HEAR YOU CALLING MY NAAAAAAAME!!! I love Bruce’s operatic vocal style, he’s the goat

  13. The guy who sang “uh toot luh moaned”?

  14. i love megadeth and that song but i felt the pull to mention it

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