1. You can go the same speed as on a road or trail. I guess you cant understand the point that you use the sidewalk when it is empty which is 99% of the time. What is wrong with you?

  2. Considering the fact that I'm human yes. I just answered this. But again, not the extent of people mis remembering things that can be easily corrected. I have never heard Mandela effect residue corrected, but I have heard people deny any change. If this was just memory, misquoting wouldn't be as common as we can't sit here and say everyones memory is fallible on the same things. And that's exactly the issue. Its not like Mandelas are everywhere, but they are very subtle in the middle of very well known things that have apparently been misremembered. It's hard to buy that most people just have memory issues.

  3. Yes. When that first memory is affirmed with things in ties reality including other people that remember it the same way. Again back to the world of academia where any misquoted line would be corrected, how do you explain everything written about the topics that doesn't match what see/hear now?

  4. The question is not "what can your recall vs what can't you recall". I'm asking if you can reliably distinguish a correct memory from an incorrect memory. You've acknowledged that your memory can be incorrect. I'm asking you you always know that subjectively, just from some quality of the memory. How do your incorrect memories differ from your correct memories?

  5. Not the most friendly language to learn first,nor would it give that positive feedback like python would imo

  6. Not a clue tbh all ik it can run is ducky

  7. Nice restaurants will be a whole lot less crowded.

  8. I said what I said. You think I don’t know that? But I know you shouldn’t bring kids into a bad situation. Yes shit happens but willing bringing children into it is not fair.

  9. And I’m glad you said what you said but I still say what I say and ain’t no changing our minds.

  10. but which gun is in the safe isn't the ME they experienced.

  11. No. They aren't saying all of the guns changed. They are talking about one gun that only they know about.

  12. How would a mass manufactured gun no longer have the same imprinting as others on the same manufacturing line?

  13. I am not seeing the problem here? Except for you trying to block the bus that is.

  14. Because that is not what those things are worth.

  15. Lmao I guess I wondered if Mr. Kreme was a nazi or something or if was just some made up rivalry between them and Shipleys. I think it’s the later

  16. No, it's preference. If you start eating Shipley when you're born, Krispy Kreme fails to satisfy. They are very different styles of donuts.

  17. I mean that’s just a preference thing but legit everyone here wants Krispy Kreme ran out of town, I was thinking there was more to it

  18. Like you imagined we hated Krispy Kreme because of its racist past? Or it killed our pa?

  19. It might depend on your location, but in Houston we can use them for some Graveyard Shift double and triple features.

  20. ever heard of a reddit community who knows a lot more than google smart ass

  21. Reddit isn't bursting at the seams with people waiting to google shit for you. I know I did, but I was in a mood.

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