1. Remind me what EMF stands for. 😅 I’m no stranger to firearms but am new to the black powder scene.

  2. Wait.. I got a ban from this sub for literally saying this situation was suspicious… and now we’re openly discussing it? Okay mods.

  3. https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=tanegashima+matchlock

  4. https://www.gunbroker.com/All/search?Keywords=percussion%20caps&Sort=13

  5. I usually keep it buzzed pretty short, but I’d actually let it grow out over the past six months, but I had to cut it off right after because it looked horrible

  6. Burnt hair and flesh, what a combo for the senses.

  7. Same price as on Gunbroker, but don’t have to wait for shipping. Nice 👍

  8. At gunshow in Pensacola today, saw a lot of Remington #10's and CCI #11's, they had a few tin's on the table and the rest stashed underneath. I've got a couple thousand so didn't get any, was temtped too though. Also came across a shit ton of 209's

  9. I have 14 total BP revolvers, all but the 1849 Pocket have a conversion cylinder. Mostly Howell but I do have a Taylor's for my Walker and two Kirst. I really like the Kirst with the 2-step hand that they provide, they are smooth as butter mechanically.

  10. Better luck geting the answers you need here:

  11. https://ammunitionplanet.com/product/oak-island-ammunition-45-long-colt-250-gr-rnfp-tpj-500-rounds-new/?utm_source=AmmoSeek

  12. In Pensacola, I usually order from Midway, best prices but have used Dixie and Wholesale Hunter in the past, prices a bit higher with them.

  13. Imagine if Tulane scores more points than USC. They would probably win the game at that point right?

  14. This is a surplus 1911, so I assume they’re just “stock numbers.” Or numbers added on by armorers for record keeping and accountability.

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