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  1. If 800k people follow this dude and buy into his analysis, maybe BTC pumps a little. I don’t hate it lol.

  2. Yes. If factory paint. Glue pull would be the best method. Cost from what I can see approximately $250-350 probably.

  3. One more thing. Would you recommend I try the glue pull method myself? I was considering buying a kit and giving it a whirl but if it’s too complicated then I’ll just pay for it.

  4. No I would not. Let a professional handle it. People who try typically create more work for us and ends up costing more in the long run.

  5. Appreciate it. One more random question. Does the dry ice thing work or is that a myth?

  6. What do you mean? He CLEARLY hit his window and windshield.

  7. How does his windshield not shatter or seemingly not crack at all in this video?

  8. There are some spots on the floor afterwards but not much for how many times it looks like she stabbed him.

  9. We just had a rip-your-face-off bear run. I’m good on those for now. Show me some green again.

  10. Hate to break it to you guys, but I'm assuming the big changes that are happening are a good thing for the company and it will be around a lot more than you think.

  11. I used to run a network of adult webcam sites. I since sold them but I believe we were

  12. Weird not sure why this doesn't have sound. I uploaded it with audio. Here's a link to the original clip where I saw it with sound (the screams are quite satisfying lol):

  13. Very cool! How’d you end up buying that out of curiosity?

  14. How about investing in glamping? They're unique, usually cheaper to acquire, quicker ROI, and it could be easier to become sustainable and environmentally friendly. Glamping is still on the rise, so I'm guessing by now it's a trend that's not going anywhere.

  15. Yea, something like that would be awesome. Any idea where to get started for more info on something like that?

  16. I didn't know you can publicly make fun of gay people again

  17. There’s a lot of comments about homophobia in this comment thread, but just because a straight guy is uncomfortable with being associated with a gay porn star doesn’t mean they’re homophobic or hold animosity toward gay men. At least that’s how I view it. I’m a straight male and can’t comment from a gay man’s perspective but I didn’t view this as being homophobic at all. If it was my buddy that did this I’d get a good laugh out of it too and I have gay friends 🤷🏻‍♂️

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