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  1. I don't know what to think of this. Good thing my front steps are concrete.

  2. You are correct. The trans community is vulnerable, and it seems more so lately. To view me with suspicion is only natural. I am glad someone is there, being careful.

  3. So you agree with the person who thinks you're a troll bc of a throwaway account. You sounded pretty vulnerable to me and now you've been shamed into removing your comment.

  4. If you're for real, I'm sorry you're going through that. I hope it gets better.

  5. What a cruel thing to say. People often make new accounts when they have something difficult to get off their chest. Reddit karma isn't important to everyone.

  6. No idea tbh, looked like cat food, bottled water and chips if I remember right

  7. How's any of that going to be ruined. Food sits in trucks for hours and unless it's something like meat or dairy it's not temperature controlled.

  8. Go outside of Reddit if you want a more diverse opinion on what it's like living with a man who transitions. Google trans widows.

  9. My husband transitioned after our child was born. He will not get any better and likely will behave with more jealousy. Your child needs your attention and care not your unstable husband.

  10. I don't see this working for either one of you in the long term. Do you seriously think she is going to be accepting of this judging by what she's already told you. You will start going further and further in changing the way you look and hoping she'll give in. She won't. You can't control the way other people think and act.

  11. This is Borderline Personality Disorder. These are people who are very unstable and the worst of it is that they don't recognize they have a problem. I'd get out if I were you.

  12. Do whats right for you. You're going through a divorce and it's normal to seek emotional support from your family. Your feelings matter just as much as your ex's, so if you feel like you want to be honest with your family, than do so. I don't think its fair for your ex to expect you to lie to them.

  13. 100% correct. Why should OP lie when she was the one who was wronged. What kind of person marries you and isn't open about something as important as this.

  14. Why do you matter less in this situation merely bc your spouse is trans? Do you think someone's physical transition won't be noticed by their family.

  15. Freeze them or buy a good quality/expensive thermal bottle.

  16. I don't typically like those, as most are metal and leave the drink tasting metallic in my opinion. Im hoping someone has found some crazy gadget that they recommend. Some kjnd of cup holder mounted indivivual drink refrigerator or some spy kids shit!🤣🤣🤣

  17. There actually are small fridges that you can plug into your car. I saw one at Indigo book store of all places around Christmas time. Not sure if they are any good though.

  18. Spiders used to freak me out but I've come to realize they are useful and won't harm you in any way. I'm assuming you are in the US and have normal small ones. They will always be there so best you just get used to them.

  19. Do nothing. It's not our job to be the conduit between the restaurant and customer. If you order a shirt from Amazon and it's out of stock, you don't get an other style or color, you get a refund. I don't see why food should be any different. If the customer wants something else then they can put in another order. All it's going to do is waste your time.

  20. Look at all that booze and he's pretty slim. Now he doesn't drink(except for "local" alcohol "occasionally") and he weighs 500 lbs.

  21. I've been dealing with a mentally disabled older brother for nearly all my life. He's 32 yrs old, but acts like a 7 yr old nearly ALL the time. I love him to death, but after so long of dealing with him growing up (I'm 22), I just do not have the patience to handle something like that again.

  22. I work with intellectually disabled people. Don't sacrifice your life for your brother. Try out a group home. There are good ones.

  23. That was very high road of you to put the smoke out when those little punks showed up. Ugh. they sound like they were parroting homelife talk-talk. I’m sorry. 💖 children are supposed to be innocent, enjoyable and uncorrupted by hate

  24. Punks? OP said they were 5 years old. What do they know about being trans. The world doesn't revolve around you and your identity. Little kids point out what they see. If you are fat, they'll say so. If you look like a man then you don't pass. Get over yourself.

  25. Who's paying for the ice everyday? The cooler is an OK idea though.

  26. Lesson learned. Probably won't deliver back to that address/person if I can help it. Also planning on getting some pepperspray or some form of self defense. It's probably good to carry that anyway

  27. Owners always say their dogs don't bite. I used to deliver mail and a Jack Russel would wait at the window everyday to bark at me. One day he was outside off leash and he chased me a bit a hole through my pants.

  28. Display the food? You should have just put the bags on the table and proclaimed the display is complete.

  29. A message came up telling me to activate the card and I couldn't proceed until I did it. This is in Canada so it might be different in the US.

  30. Ah, so at most, I should possibly expect them to try to force it on me eventually.

  31. Yes but it doesn't really matter because you don't ever have to use it.

  32. If he can't walk to your door, how did he get inside the restaurant?

  33. He's either got a second order and Door Dash has sent him to pick it up before coming to you or he also drives for Uber/Skip and has prioritized that order. Either way this is not smart.

  34. Doesnt it inform customers if the driver has another order on the same app?

  35. Don't say anything. Customers don't tip according to how heavy a load you have or the number of stairs you climb. Some never tip. Some are overly generous. Take whatever is offered and be polite.

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