1. Have you tried period underwear? Super absorbent, no odors, lots of fits and flow levels even for everyday. I use joyja brand

  2. Came here to say the same ^ I use The Period Company

  3. Yeah I wear like breezy collared shirts with tank tops underneath. Getting two removed on my upper arm

  4. Nice to see that a minimal tattoo that looks like it’s on the lower leg (above ankle) can be completely removed. I have a similar one I really want removed. Don’t want to spend 4k tho

  5. You and me both dawg ☠️ it’s 0% interest though which is very generous these days!!

  6. Let them come to you and then just laugh at their bad jokes and bat your eyelashes + smile 😂 /s …but not rlly

  7. Looks like it’s lightening up ever so slightly, remember that time is your friend so start spacing those treatments out if you can! Also working out, drinking water, sweating will help too :) not a tech just read a lot about removal and going through it for the last 2.5 years lol

  8. Unfortunately this is super common for people going through removal, so you’re definitely not alone!! The two main options are to accept it and live with it or pursue removal. Honestly, most people won’t be as critical of your tattoos as you are, so that’s something to keep in mind. In my experience, i knew pretty immediately that i didn’t like my tattoo (similar situation, was way too big). So maybe you already know you want to remove it but are having a hard time admitting it (also quite common). I would say if you get to the 1 year mark and you’re still not satisfied, that might be the time to consider pursuing removal. Hope this insight helps, we’re rootin for ya!

  9. Wtf is up w the refs tho? Doesn’t make up for the poor performance but holy shit

  10. I would do all 4 of mine in the same appt. If you’re a woman, try not to go while you’re on your period. Anecdotal but the only downside is your immune system is suppressed, and i had a session during mine and broke out in the worst full body hives of my life.

  11. Thank you! That’s a good advice! I guess you have rather smaller tattoos, if you do all 4 in the same appt.?

  12. Lol no 2 of them are pretty big, they’re the whole length of the outside and inside of my left arm

  13. I’m so sorry you’re experiencing this! Have you considered environmental factors, like laundry detergent? Sometimes fragrances can really mess up our pH.

  14. Listen I’m not the pinnacle of health (love sweets) but I’m also not unhealthy lol I go to the gym twice a week, drink lots of water/fluids, take walks, meditate etc and my tattoos seem to be removing well. They are also black ink and on my chest/upper body so I’m sure that’s working in my favor!

  15. Following cuz I have the same issue 😭 tried a LUT and it didn’t work

  16. Okay I changed my settings and seems to be working now?! First of all I was recording in 4K 60fps and changed it to 1080 30fps. But the main thing is you need to turn off HDR video in camera settings! Lmk if this helps

  17. At this point, just use makeup 🤷🏻‍♀️ you can get another session done in about 6 months to a year if you feel like you still want it!

  18. Part of what is nice about being on vacation in a foreign city is that you stumble into a place without reading reviews and have an unexpected good time. Treat your own city the same. Exlore around the places you listed and find a cool place. We don't know you and we're all different so you might not like what I like. Just walk around in the nice weather and find a cool spot.

  19. Lol just read your comment history — are you okay ☠️ so rude

  20. I feel like the odd one out. I’m having 4 removed, but I don’t hate any of them. I just don’t want them anymore.

  21. I go to Removery and I’ve had a great experience so far!

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