1. Your retail job is not a relevant experience. In fact, keeping it on your resume would mean you lack relevant experience. So if you are not doing it because of the money, you should probably look for another opportunity instead.

  2. Yeah, I am only doing it to earn something and stay productive during the summer break, while I wait for next round of internship applications by Fall. I was hoping that doing the sales job could possibly make it easier for me to transition into the corporate side of the brand by the time I graduate since it would be an internal transfer and I would managers from the same company (albeit different operational function) being references.

  3. Hmmm…it sounds like you don’t even know if you will secure the internship with the company, though, am I correct? Forgive me for saying so but this hardly seems like a fail proof plan. What kind of internship program were you planning on doing?

  4. Ah no, internships would be with other companies through school placement by Fall Semester. However, I am also looking at the potential of exploring the corporate side of retail, since the summer job is already in retail.

  5. Adidas X_PLR Boost. FSR available on the Adidas website right now (triple white/black colorways available). Comfiest shoe out there right now and a worthy successor to the EQT Support line (RIP).

  6. good for you, but if you check the sub, you would see some bad samples. mostly the primegreen/recycled insoles. I did a quick search and found this 3 samples

  7. Nah I’d just let it grow. Even if the first leaf turns out full white, it could still produce green afterwards. That’s the beauty of variegations. It’s rarely consistent.

  8. Ya. Bare stems with nodes can still grow shoots. They have stored energy within the stem that could power them thru.

  9. Yeah I was only worried because it started with the leaf and is losing it. Plus it's losing the leaf for a reason and I'm worried it will effect the stem.

  10. Unfortunately when a leaf turns yellow, it’s a goner. They don’t regain health anymore. Goodluck!

  11. Park drinking for me... Going to find a nice spot, sit, and read my book with a bottle of wine.

  12. You can drink in basically any park, if you follow this one simple trick: don't be a dick. Respect other park users and clean up after yourself, no one will bother you.

  13. The poison is only on the glands where the snake is biting. Other than the glands that secrete the poison when triggered, the rest of the toad is not poisonous.

  14. It’s broth, stock needs to have bones. You could remove the bones from your boiled chicken and cook them in the same water for a long time to get a really flavourful and nutritious stock.

  15. I‘ve never boiled chicken before. How does that taste. Anyways, for broth you need the bones, so it‘s not really that. But maybe you can use it to flavor something like a sauce by boiling it up after adding it.

  16. Ehhh I have no strong opinion on it. A lot of the boys in our current generation had their peepee circumsized without their knowledge. I think it’s bad to blatantly say it’s inhumane/ immoral/ etc as these boys would not have had any choice in it and it’s not like they could reverse it. It feels like a lot of people go over and beyond stigmatizing and discriminating circumsized boys that it could be a cause of insecurity and even bullying. However, a neutral way of opposing it would be good. A conversation with pregnant parents or newly weds or people planning to start a family would be good, but really a lot of people tend to be so aggressive with the anti-circumcision campaign that it might be bad for the ones that did go through it.

  17. Yep! If the roots are rotten you can usually smell it, and theyll brown and squishy. Trim of rotten roots, dip in rubbing alcohol and repot! Should make a comeback pothos are hardy. If not you could chop and propagate

  18. In detail to the chop and prop suggestion, you could look into keeping a cutting in soil, water, and leca. These are the three main ways of growing them. With this, you could gauge what you would be more comfortable with as they have their own pros and cons. Happy plant keeping! Pothos are beautiful plants. Great choice for a beginner.

  19. Thank you for your advice! I am a complete beginner to plant care, so would I check by depotting and inspecting the roots? If it is root rot, would I just trim off the bad root and repot?

  20. Correct. Depot. Wash off with water. Cut-off rotten roots (and brown/ yellow leaves as they are dead weight and would just unnecessarily take energy). Spray sanitizing agent like rubbing alcohol. Optionally make cuttings to have backup plants. Let air dry in a cool ventilated area for like 12 hours (think letting a wound scab over as a physical barrier). Repot in fresh well draining potting mix (do not use the old potting mix as the bacteria from the root, assuming it has it, would have contaminated it already). If the plant doesn’t look too dehydrated, I would leave it dry for another day or two just to make sure the rotten parts would have surely dried off, but if it looked it could use watering, water in small amounts. Goodluck!

  21. Ehh you might want to consider taking out the bag. By the time the babies fledge, your bag would be covered with bird poo and you might not want to use it anymore.

  22. It kinda bothers me and would prefer this over that, but most people I know don’t mind.

  23. Yes, I intend to stay away too, though I I wish there was a safer and as effective of a way. Do you think alcohol would help? It eases my nerves, but I haven’t played around enough to notice any change with the loosening of the muscles. I guess for the physical route, stretch with toys would be a good solution too.

  24. Could be an STD, but it would be irresponsible to give medical advices as a stranger. Try not to worry, but get to a sex clinic as soon as you can and try not to risk yourself again.

  25. Vancouver here. Switching to extra lean ground pork soon. I always went for ground beef as I assumed that they were about the same price. Where do you get your lean ground pork?

  26. I’m wishing you healing! What he did and all the other people from the past were very wrong.

  27. Take of the yellow leaf. It’s dead weight. As long as the stem (with the node) and the roots are intact, there will always be the chance it would sprout a new leaf.

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