1. 75 mcg is considered full replacement for some people without thyroid glands (thyroidectomy, radioactive iodine treatment, etc.). It's possible it's too much for you. If the rage only started after taking Synthroid, then the medication is highly suspect. Was your TSH very low at one point (close to zero), and that's why they kept reducing your dose?

  2. Also worth mentioning that since July, I have these outbursts of rage that LOOK like the bulging eyes in graves. My poor partner calls me crazy eyes!! I feel like the hulk in those moments.

  3. Get tested for Graves' then. Ask for two tests: TSI and TRab or TSH Receptor antibodies tests. Graves' can wax and wane, like all autoimmune conditions.

  4. Concerta is a medication that works by inhibiting the reuptake of dopamine and norepinephrine in the brain, so to get the most out of it, you'll need to work with it. Here are some tips to help you do that:

  5. I thought the whole alkaline and acidic thing only applied to amphetamines? I’ve never seen any evidence that acidic foods or drinks inhibit absorption of methylphenidate. Do you have any sources?

  6. You could potentially take a non-drowsy anti-histamine like Claritin, but I would start with lowering the dose to 500mg and see what happens.

  7. I’ve tried the antihistamines they don’t help much. They also don’t treat histamine problems they only block the histamine from binding to the receptor

  8. I wish if i knew any answers , but from what i read here alot about NAC that it's dose must be divided, most of people here taking 500 or 600 morning and once again evening, did you tried that method? Or you took 1000mg at one dose, maybe it was too much for 1 and remember everyone is different and ymmv. Wish i could help more.

  9. Thank you! I’ll try taking just 500mg. I can only take it early in the morning because it causes insomnia for me if I take it later in the day.

  10. I’m glad you mentioned the arms and legs falling asleep thing because it’s been making my health anxiety go through the roof!

  11. Lmao I can’t believe I made this comment. Withdrawal from this medication was HELL and i don’t even remember it helping my anxiety that much. I’m gonna edit it

  12. sorry just read the edit man. I have no idea have you thought about ketamine?

  13. I haven’t tried ketamine. But the nearest ketamine clinic is like 2 hours away. Same with TMS. Also mood stabilizers/meds have limited effectiveness for BPD because we have a tendency to experience all emotions very intensely. However I’m looking for something to help even the highs and lows. I’ve even tried lithium carbonate and that didn’t work.

  14. Lamotrigine ER has helped me a lot and I only need 25mg a day.

  15. I’ve taken both. Lamotrigine, even at the max dose, didn’t work. Gabapentin was like taking a sugar pill. I took up to 2400mg gabapentin and nothing.

  16. I don’t drink alcohol anyways since I’m a recovering alcoholic, so I do avoid that one.

  17. Hmm, well you are fine to do as you feel. I would still recommend trying a lower dose again because there really isn't any reason I know to be on a high dose if want better effectiveness. And it did help me. Higer dose does not mean you get a stronger effect.

  18. Thank you, my doctor did say that adults typically Need higher doses. Since being on the 72mg I do feel “slower”, which I think that’s what it’s suppose to do. Lol. I noticed more benefit from the 72mg, so I’m guessing it’s maybe just doing it’s job.

  19. I guess that does sound like it's working. And I'm maybe a little biased.

  20. I’m in DBT. I also had irritability on 27mg, but then again I do have borderline personality disorder, OCD, depression, with ADHD and I’m on Luvox (ssri). So I do have co-occurring issues.

  21. Oh wow thats really not an ideal titration at all. Every generic is still slightly different.

  22. Yeah): my doctor did specify on the 27mg (OROS) but the pharmacy gave me lannett whixh from my understanding is not. I don’t think it’s my doctor’s fault I think it’s the pharmacy. When I got mallinkrodt I said I had a brand sensitivity and asked for the previous brand (patriot), he immediately got very suspicious.

  23. Thats very unprofessional of the pharmacy. When it comes to brands its probably good to stick to patriot.

  24. True! I heard they are discontinuing their authorized generic so I really hope they stick me with a brand that I respond well too.

  25. Thank you so much for that detailed response, I really appreciate. I’ll discuss this with my psychiatrist.

  26. I can’t find any information to back up the fact that effexor and concerta don’t mix well. According to

  27. Thanks! Yes this is a very real possibility. If I do end up having to come off the Venlafaxine, I’ll be dreading it. Apparently it’s a notoriously difficult one to quit.

  28. Oh yeah I’ve read all the horror stories. But judging by all the info you mentioned in your post, it sounds like it’s a concerta issue, not a effexor+concerta combo issue but talk to your doc :)

  29. hours, days, weeks depending if there’s a resolution. if I split on someone and there isn’t a resolution and we just don’t talk, it can go on for a very long time because I hold onto shit that reinforces my split.

  30. No wonder why you endured so much abuse you’re literally trash 😂

  31. Maybe you should stop complaining so much. Ever think of that?

  32. The same diagnostic criteria they would use, I used on myself.

  33. Yeah. Go to a therapist and say that and see their response. 😂 👏🏻 good luck.

  34. I am self diagnosed, I have a syndrome of ASPD, NPD, Paranoia, Ego-syntonic sadism.

  35. You can’t just self diagnose a personality disorder and claim you have it. Personality disorders overlap with each other (especially cluster Bs, but even cluster B personality disorders overlap with other clusters).

  36. I’m sorry this happened to you. I have borderline personality disorder, OCD, ADHD, and depression but I have a diagnosis history of bipolar 1 disorder. I have a lot of symptoms but doctors now think my mood instability is due to BPD and ADHD.

  37. Thank you for your post. I just upped to 72mg of concerta and felt really nice for a few days then it stopped. At some point I ask myself “is the medication even working?”. My goal is not feel great all the time(it’s be nice though), but to really manage impulsivity, quiet the chatter in my head, and feel less anxious and have a more stable mood. I also have co-occurring conditions so it’s hard to decider if the medication even works.

  38. Lmfao I never said I was withdrawing from sugar? Please offer some real advice if you’re gonna comment.

  39. 200mg with my ADD meds really takes the anxious edge off as well as the jitters. same goes for caffeine. I don’t even really use any caffeine anymore unless L-Theanine is included.

  40. You could try Magnesium Glycinate before bed instead. It’s better for sleep than citrate.

  41. I don’t respond well to glycine. Citrate is the best for me.

  42. I tried higher doses of CBD isolate months ago when I stopped smoking weed and I liked it. However, because I’m finally starting to feel better I’m scared to change oils. I think the microdoses of full spectrum worked better than higher doses of the isolate.

  43. Yeah it really sucks, my pharmacy kept telling me it was back ordered and so I called and as soon as I said I was having trouble getting the generic at the pharmacy she was like “oh! I have a prompt I’m supposed to say to that. The generic has been discontinued, we recommend calling your pharmacy and telling them to call the wholesaler to see if they still have some left from our last shipment.” That was beginning of November. I ended up spending $380 out of pocket for the brand since my insurance doesn’t cover it. Three denied appeals later, I have to try a different stimulant this month before they’ll approve covering the brand of Concerta🙄so stupid

  44. I’m sorry! It’s also dumb how brand name/authorized generic is the ONLY concerta that uses OROS technology. You’d think generic drugs would have identical release mechanisms.

  45. Agreed!! And I was so pissed when I saw the pills were exactly. the. same. Just $360 more. UGH.

  46. It was probably either the vitamin K2 (it it was the MK7 type) or inadequate magnesium or both. Vitamin D3 requires lots of magnesium and as most people are either magnesium deficient or borderline deficient increasing one’s vitamin D3 dose will lower their magnesium possibly causing symptoms. You wrote you are taking magnesium but not how much. 10,000 IU is not that much. In most it takes that much to reach physiological levels. Levels that start significantly improving sleep, immune system function and metabolism. Levels of 50 ng/ml. Also why did you decide on a level of 80 (is that ng/ml?)? Personally I found optimal at 100-140 ng/ml and better yet a ionized calcium and parathyroid hormone levels in the low normal range. On my website

  47. I’m taking 400mg magnesium citrate, was taking 600mg per day. My primary care doctor told me 10k per day is waaay too much to take every day. Told me to only take it once a week.

  48. The first month on concerta 27mg I experienced really bad dissociation / DP/DR, however it’s worth mentioning I just finished withdrawing from a benzo, and I have borderline personality disorder so that’s a symptom I have regardless. It could go away with time, it did for me.

  49. yeah i had that before the meds too but its more often now, i kinda dont mind it if im home, its like a lil break from reality if you know what i mean, but its not that great at school. i might have bpd, but its very hard to diagnose since i have autism, adhd, anxiety, depression and some signs of OCD so i basically have all the symptoms of bpd but they dont know if it’s really bpd or just a combination of the other things… but did it stop after that one month?

  50. Soo looks like this is ultimately a case of the authorized generic being unavailble and the pharmacist treating you like an addict.

  51. Thank you!!! You seem very knowledgeable . On the BX generic (mallinkrot) I felt terrible but there were other factors involved (taking too much vitamin D) so it’s hard to say if it was the generic, the dose itself, or the vitamin D. I’m taking an increased dose of authorized generic right now and I feel great. Just scared of any changes.

  52. Hey I always started off with hey I wanna transfer my prescription. Sometimes going in person helps, but honestly if they treat you that way move on.

  53. Ohhh no I’m not talking about the interaction- I was taking very high doses of vitamin D for about 3 weeks and I just felt terrible. My primary care said “im NOT suppose to be taking that much everyday” lmao. Apparently too much can make people feel worse.

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