1. Dual fan setup, ensure both are working. One of mine went out and I didn’t notice right away.

  2. I can vouch for Z1 HFC working without throwing a code.

  3. Really doesn’t bother me, people make mistakes. That colour though along with the brickyard got to be the best Z colour 🤤

  4. Great color, even if it needs a wash. Burnt orange seats and I had some of the black on the door switched to burnt orange as well..

  5. Judging from the cars in that parking lot, you’re American, right? You do have a gun, don’t you?

  6. This is in Texas. We all have guns.

  7. I’m running HFC from Z1 and a Stillen dual exhaust. I ran the HFC on stock exhaust for a month or so, but didn’t like the hissing sound and thought it needed something extra.

  8. We replaced 2 units this month. Both are dual stage Trane systems , upstairs is 2.5 tons and downstairs is 4 tons. New plenums, UV lights and media filters drive the cost up.

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