1. I agree with this. Tucson has some awesome restaurants and an unpolished feel similar to Durham.

  2. If you’re not into the gay bar/bath house scene, where does one go in Durham to meet other gay dudes? Asking for a friend who happens to be me.

  3. I went to the location off University in Durham last month and had no line, no hassle. Most of it I could pay with card, but there was one part that was cash only so I had to use their ATM which has a fee. So bring cash to avoid the ATM fee

  4. depending what you need done, you can get a credit card at places like Discount Tires. You’ll end up paying quite a bit more on interest etc. but could be a bandaid solution if work is minimal

  5. they went down ninth a bit ago doing dirtbike wheelies and being annoying as hell

  6. Aldi/food lion/Li Ming's/around the world market. Harris Teeter or Trader Joe for occasional luxuries that the other 4 places don't carry.

  7. I’m vegetarian and would love to check out some of your cheap recipes when you have time!

  8. I updated this comment with links to some of our favorite/easiest recipes. Happy cooking :)

  9. This retro gaming event is happening 7/31 here in Durham and, i believe, the folks putting it on are Raleigh based

  10. Jewelsmith, like others have said. They bought my jewelry at the best price I found too. They’re appointment only, I think.

  11. Maybe it was a onetime thing, because if my situation. I needed appraisal and when I told them it was for my medical expenses and it was all I had left of my mom, they offered to purchase. I’d call and ask. You can PM me and I can tell you my name, if you want a reference.

  12. it’s cool that her monthly expenses don’t account for student debt (i know it’s on hold for now) which i’m assuming her parents paid off.

  13. I tried to go today, but y’all were already closed. Just an FYI on hours for folks, they seem to be 7-3.

  14. There are a lot of new apartments around downtown and the central park area, but with your budget you may have a hard time finding something in them other than a studio. Rents have gone up quite a bit here much like in most of the US. There are some Durham housing groups on FB you may want to check in with. I’m not on there any more so can’t get you names, etc.

  15. Thanks for the feedback! Where do you sign up for text updates? Is that in paymentus or someplace else?

  16. I don’t recall off hand, but if you go into your profile settings, there should be an email toggle prompt. I literally received a text this morning!

  17. Thanks - I just figured it out. I had to turn off paperless, then turn it back on and there was an option for it then. I must have signed up for paperless before the texting option existed or something?

  18. oh, great! it’s a nice feature! hopefully it solves your issue

  19. so sorry. If you have a primary care physician, reach out to them. They should be connected to a social worker who might be able to assist you with resources. If you don’t have a PCF, maybe call your local library. Librarians often know what resources are around.

  20. around downtown I like Queeny’s and Rubies for casual. If you’re near Geer street, Surf Club and Accordion are great. If you want a brewery vibe then Durty Bull, Glass Jug, and Fullsteam are around there too

  21. i’ve seen some book clubs listed on meetup.com. Maybe take a look over there

  22. I moved to the Triangle from Austin, and man, I'd love to find some good breakfast tacos just about anywhere around here.

  23. True, but that's on the other side of town from me. I miss having them all over the place, lol.

  24. check out Bao and Beer garden. They are a food truck that moved into a permanent location and still serve food out of the truck while having expanded into a sit down space with a beer garden opening soon.

  25. they came to my place a few weeks back. I just said I had a Brita and quickly closed my door

  26. I was definitely concerned about that if I moved to Raleigh. Thanks for the assurance that I was right haha

  27. it’s so rough out here! haha. Jokes aside, Phoenix and Tempe have grown up a lot the last decade and Raleigh will get there, for better or worse, but if you want a more fun, urban city, San Diego all the way. Plus you can drive to AZ in 5 hours and visit

  28. Definitely agree about Tempe and Phoenix valley in general. I visited Raleigh for the interview and the vibe I got is it’s very laid back and not much happening or couldn’t feel any vibe at all. I’m from India originally but AZ is definitely home and feel I’m a west coast guy rather than east coast lol.

  29. That’s a pretty accurate vibe imo. There’s cool stuff out this way, but it’s a very different flavor. SD has Balboa park which would seal the deal for me. Love that spot

  30. you might like moondog, a relatively new space. They host game nights, etc. and seem to lean towards the demographic you mentioned.

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