I made an interactive page that visualizes the scale of space

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  1. Looks like chillies . The leaves resemble that of a chilly plant.

  2. Just peel off the skin and eat the flesh . Its normal for mangoes.

  3. Looks like a guava . You photo isnt very clear though.

  4. Quick question for anyone here ( because for some reason i cant post), do they make new s10 compatable batteries? I had an s10 a while ago and recently bought another one, but the battery life is atrocious due to the age

  5. No way the mobo has been damaged. You literally have to drill through the screen to damage it.

  6. The service centre people opened up the phone and gave me my money $200 back saying its fucked up . So i guess it really is.

  7. Consider a battery change for your phone . They even put the water resistance seal back and it only costs 20-30$ in total .

  8. The OG Samsung branded Rugged protective cover, I got it as an offer with the phone. Protects like a champ, feels good in hand.

  9. Factory reset will help resolve if there's any bug . Only if it's okay with you to do a reset and back up everything .

  10. Doing a factory reset to resolve this seems like an overkill LOL

  11. I agree it is an overkill but as I already said, only if it's worth for you .

  12. If you are running dark theme , then your notifications come like that . Try light theme maybe . For me it changes with the theme .

  13. To all trying to find a fix . I had this problem 3 months back and I worked on a lot of fixes. Here are a few tips .

  14. Well in a weird way it's good to know I'm not the only one. If I find anything I will let you know.

  15. Use link and download themepark app to make and customize your own themes .

  16. Can I ask, how did you change the colour of the icons??

  17. Use the link and download themepark app , you can download themes or create and customize your own theme there.

  18. Then go to access point names and choose ATT LTE . Incase that's unavailable , I don't know how you get your network settings from operators in US , so please go to your nearby at&t store and tell them you need LTE settings and they will provide you . Hope it helps .

  19. I guess that is where my statement regarding my expectations is coming from. Sirius and Apple music were both streaming during the time shown. The others I can disable. From what I have read the only way to get rid of the 5Ge is to disable LTE. Where is that located in the settings?

  20. In networks section . Go to settings > connection > mobile networks > network mode

  21. Check background usage , once the location finder was draining 8% battery overnight for me . Check and disable background apps

  22. You can , just got set wallpaper from gallery , it will automatically fill the screen .

  23. I also have an S10 and I get 5+ hrs of continuous use unless I'm playing pubg or call of duty. Get your phone checked .

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