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  1. Very nice. Love your use of lines to carry the eye through the project, extending spaces.

  2. I only ski deep, soft powder so there's no way I can get hurt.

  3. That’s the shittiest plan I’ve ever seen. Any LA could design/draw that in 4 hours. Where do you live??

  4. Cool work. Curious if you have more thoughts on twin motion and it's usefulness. I've heard it's being taught in colleges more and more, but I hear the same for Revit and see little firm adoption.

  5. Will have to check out Enscape. I haven’t used any other rendering agent as if yet. We decided to try TM first due to the cost and have been fairly happy so far. No issues running it live during client presentations. Pretty basic plant palette to choose from but god enough to communicate intent for the most part.

  6. Brand new to Twinmotion. Looking to use it for client presentations to communicate ideas quickly & effectively. So far so good as it seems pretty easy to use. Definitely some limitations with plant materials and how they render. Haven't done any post processing in photoshop but imagine we could really make the images pop.

  7. Those are some great points, especialy about the high visibility handle material! I am taking notes right now and here

  8. This hits the main points. 3-4" blade of the design you show in the pic. Plastic handle or a durable wood that has great grip and easy to clean. I usually either want my stuff to either fully blend in (earth tones or camo) or be highly visible (bright orange). A simple handle that you show is great as my hand position changes depending on the angle I'm working from - sometimes have a classic grip, others cutting away from me/thumb on the back of the blade. Most important is a high quality steel that doesn't dull quickly and can be easily sharpened.

  9. If this would happen I'd rather read books

  10. Sometimes the only way to win the game is to not play.

  11. There was a very breif moment of time 8 years ago where it was actually easier to find new episodes of shows through legal means.

  12. Yup. When you thought of a movie, search for it on netflix and bam, there it is. Now w my multiple subscriptions to various streaming entities it's incredibly rare to find the movie I'm looking for and even rarer to find it included w my subscription. End up pirating the vast majority of movies I watch.

  13. Pretty funny how many people are obsessed with shitting on the show. Seemingly unable to pass it over and move on.

  14. Damn. Absolutely terrible how many young perfectly healthy people have been suddenly dying from heart issues. Wonder what's going on.

  15. Yep, well businesses already know it is much easier to pass on the fee to customers, so they do.

  16. Yeah I guess my whole thing is wouldn't it be better to include it in the price of the item rather than backdoor your customers and look slimy?

  17. What symptoms were they feeling that made them decide for get checked? It’s pretty painful, isn’t it?

  18. Karen perpetually in a mask, of course.

  19. It's not necessarily cruel, per se, but it's sad that the dog will never get to experience that which brings it the greatest joy. Is it cruel to get a bird and keep in a cage? Many people have hunting/working dogs that never get to do that which they were bred for and live happy lives.

  20. Just do it at 350 & cut your time in half. Just be sure to add two layers of foil over the coils.

  21. I’m not spatchcocking because I want to stuff the cavity with stuff that lends flavor to the bird and makes my gravy amazing later on.

  22. I'm with you, bro. I've S-cocked a couple chickens, but I've made dozens of turkeys and never had anything but great delicious, moist meat. Love doing to the stuffing in the cavity. Shit ain't that hard. Keep it classic.

  23. spatchCOCK.... if it ain't on their mind it's in their mouth

  24. Yeah, well I'm COCKing my gun right now

  25. Something about a Springers eyes….so much more expressive than any other breed I’ve had. Ya know how people say “I wish my dog could speak English so she could understand me”?? When my Springer stares at me like this I feel like the dogs thinking the same thing about me lol

  26. Absolutely. I always think he has “cartoon eyes”. So cute.

  27. What a distinguished gentleman. What collar is that and does that hold an AirTag?

  28. The dayglo collar from lioncountrysupply. Great cheap collar and yes found an airtag holder on amazon that fits on the collar.

  29. I could listen to that voice all day. “I’m profoundly southern” lol

  30. The real question is where in NE requires a 7 hour hike to get to?

  31. Just post it here and crowd source your answer

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