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  1. Hide and seek champion of the world!

  2. Head further north and go through Minnesota and South Dakota, skip Iowa and Nebraska.

  3. It wasn’t sunny in a single picture.

  4. I know there is usually deductibles involved but this can be an insurance claim?

  5. The city lacks a running culture. After spending a lot of time in other cities, I often feel like an outcast running around the lakes here. Plenty of people walking, but the runners are few.

  6. It’s almost impossible to eat at a restaurant in Minneapolis with a reputation for treating their employees well. I have decided I just can’t keep a list outside of Surly and French Meadow. It’s exhausting and sad, but I’m just gonna stop worrying about it so much.

  7. I think Murray’s steakhouse takes care of their staff, heck most have been there 10, 15, 20, even 30 years.

  8. Soak in lime juice and allow to be cured?

  9. Do you think car manufacturers will start putting these on in the factory, basically including it in their original design?

  10. Negative the bed cover kept the bed clear of snow. Though it was impossible to keep it from piling up on the cover a bit.

  11. So do you add the salt directly to the beer?

  12. Do you have adaptive cruise? I’m curious what the mpg would be behind a truck on the ‘longest’ following distance setting.

  13. No and I didn’t use cruise either.

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