My brother left me a voicemail about how f'd we are and I animated it

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  1. Exactly! And what happens when it's something that needs immediate attention? Does she have to wait and see if it gets done? Nope, she will have to get up and just do it herself without asking to not have to go through the whole annoying ordeal of asking and waiting.

  2. That whole board looks like a sweet cassette tape rack from the 80s.

  3. Got an orange one from Ultra Sabers. Cool to have a color not represented in the shows/movies anywhere!

  4. But I ain't one to gossip, so you ain't heard it from me!

  5. It was a baking show all along. Look at those cakes!

  6. There is no truer statement as this. I believe it was definitely at 11 years of age.

  7. This is the one, but honestly find somebody who makes it at home cause that's usually the best.

  8. I'm just going to say that I rarely eat Mac and Cheese (I like it, just don't eat it much anymore as an adult), but I also don't really eat fancy food because I'm a child. So when I took my wife to a fancy dinner at Hell's Kitchen in Vegas, I had the mac and cheese. And I shot you not - it was the best mac and cheese I've ever had in my life. Everyone else at my table tried it and also agreed. Just wanted to throw this out there for anyone wanting to try and expensive bowl of it. Totally worth it.

  9. Your parents are going to have a hard time arranging a marriage.

  10. And calling herself "newly" single lol. She realizes that doesn't start when you turn 21?

  11. You just got done plopping down $350 to “swim with the sharks experience in the protection of a cage” excursion and it’s your turn next…😳

  12. "Being in the cage makes it feel like you're right there with the sharks! A+. Will never do again though."

  13. Three days ago the store I was at was full of Bugs Bunny and Hawkeye Pops.

  14. I just checked youtube for drone strobe lights and they seem really weak compared to this

  15. Legally, I believe they are supposed to be visible for up to 3 miles (in the US, at least), IIRC. I have one on my done as well.

  16. All I found was Teebo today. And Galen. Still looking for the other 4 Obi-Wan figures in store.

  17. Finding Teebo is pretty darn rare at this point. Great figure! Wish I got a second one to customize.

  18. Lol I'm dumb. I meant Teeka, not Teebo. The Jawa from OBK, not the Ewok. Derp.

  19. I will not stand this Alan slander.

  20. Not everything can be solved with a train!

  21. Looks more like she's speaking in stroke.

  22. It was loud enough to set off my glass break sensor on my security system. Luckily no damage. Have to check the car in the morning though 😂

  23. Wow. That was one I didn't expect to see here.

  24. I thought it was way too far down the page, personally. It was the first one I thought of.

  25. Hell yeah. Funko is the best, even with their most hyped product of the year they still ship their product with no protectors or with any quality control.

  26. Yep. Mine wasn't that bad, but of the 2 boxes we received, I think maybe 1 Pop wasn't damaged. Flimsiest packing I've ever received from them.

  27. Listen I didn't want to be the one who tells you this, Sam... But I think your brother does drugs.

  28. Still freaky when you get that high on stone steps. Even some pagodas/wats in Bagan or Thailand freaked me out. Then you have that rope at Coba and those crazy fuckers that try and climb the pyramids and those stones are like 8 steps tall.

  29. Nice that it also has the ADA ramp option next to it, too.

  30. Getting Miggs and then it looks like I'm done. I refuse to buy any of the PFP boxes and Grogu is redundant. I stopped buying credit collection with the second round they released.

  31. That's why it should be called Double T, not double U. If you draw it as a rounded double U, it looks like tt's.

  32. Your head never got the memo to stop growing when the rest of your body did?

  33. Something doesn't look right, here. Let's take a closer look at his ROASTME sign...

  34. The pass would’ve gone to a barbed-wire fence and flattened the ball. Thus, out of bounce

  35. I think you mean a Bob wire fence. Duh.

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