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  1. What size/model is the chest freezer?

  2. It’s a Kenmore 2538191880 model number. It is definitely a bit older, and has a temperature controller hardwired in.

  3. If anyone has any sort of interest in this, shoot me a DM. I will make the price work!

  4. You'd have to use google apps script and the onFormSubmit trigger.

  5. Ok that makes sense. I have a light background in coding but nothing related to this specifically. Any pointers as to where to find documentation or start with building it? I feel pretty lost

  6. Mine did that identically. It was a loose pci cable going to the gpu.

  7. You can find a dealership selling a long range with FSD for $48K used. I got my 2019 Model 3 stealth performance from a dealership selling it as a long range model in July for $48K. Car prices are coming down now, you just gotta really hunt for what configuration u want, used is the way to go as long as u can get it before the 50K mile warranty expires. I got my aero wheel hub caps replaced with the Ali express Uber turbine hub caps and the car looks like a real performance one now too! + I get the benefit of having the range of the smaller 18’ aero wheels

  8. So how did you go about finding it to be a performance? Just went for a test drive and stumbled on it?

  9. Solid point. I had no idea they were just covers

  10. Question. I hear you in tunnels/power and possibly going to extract, so I haul ass up the stairs, the big ass hill, down the noisy ass stairs, into big room before d2 extract. And impact nade you as you walk through the door.

  11. Yeah, this is super accurate. Not at all saying that extract camping isn’t happening(it is, it is a viable strategy), but here’s an example:

  12. Still available. Willing to work a deal

  13. I use a 27in horizontal and then a 27in vertical right now. Mostly gaming with some multitasking for work(data analysis) when needed.

  14. Dang, I have been no-lifting this game since release and I have only SEEN one exotic weapon….as it killed me…. Congrats

  15. Pancreatitis, in my experience, is incredibly painful. Not to say something else isn't going on, but I would bet that if you don't know if it's pancreatitis, it isnt.

  16. Pancreatitis is incredibly painful. Incredibly. If you had full blown pancreatitis you would likely not really question.

  17. Very similar to my case but my HIDA scan showed a hyper active gallbladder (ejection fraction of 78). It wasn't in range but it wasn't the typical kind of fucked up so no one would do anything. That was about 3 years ago and my primary doc finally referred me to a surgeon because the pain is only getting worse. I believe she called it gallbladder colic but I'm not sure if that's a legit ICD code.

  18. Thank you so much for the reply! That makes me feel like we are on the right track, hopefully.

  19. I'm assuming you've already tried to reboot the router.

  20. Yeah I have rebooted a couple of times to no avail. I will see if I can't catch it right as it boots. What's odd is I can get to the GUI main page but as soon as I try to move to a different tab it just never goes.

  21. On the off chance that perhaps somehow it has been set back to factory defaults (no DHCP or DNS set up, default user/password) have you tried the default admin user and password combo?

  22. I tried defaults thinking that something may have come from a short power outage we had...but that's not the case. And my lack of internet is only one single device(not sure it even has to do with the router). It doesn't even act like it's not recognizing my credentials, it's like it just times out. Half the time it doesn't even ask for credentials, it just never loads.

  23. I love and hate it. It sucks because I like to play the same characters for advantage and don't want to branch out. It's good because I get bored being maxed out and want to level others so it forces me to branch out. I know that's paradoxical.

  24. Hey guys, I just bought some RISE through Pancake swap for the first time linked to my Trust Wallet account. But after submitting the transaction, I don't see my balance anywhere. I'm confused how it works. Can someone tell me how I can see my RISE tokens and cash them out if I were to ever choose to?

  25. It's not a supported coin so you need to manually add it. It still may not show value, just quantity.

  26. If we replace the lighting for the logo and Corsair, you'll need to take them out, would you do that for me now? Take out the logo, and the Corsair Text, the RGB Hub, and the SP Controller, wire the SATA to the RGB Hub, the logos, and the SP Controller, and take a few pictures, and give it a try then.

  27. Yeah, pulled everything just now, took a couple pics, just not sure exactly what you want to see. Everything is plugged in, I can still get a constant green on the corsair text, but nothing from the logo led. Also, sp controller has no effect whether plugged, unplugged, or anything I press.

  28. Maybe a bad idea...but you could probably 3D print one...or find someone to print it for you.

  29. Thank you all for the replies! Looking forward to dipping in, but I think I'm going to try another couple of weeks.

  30. It's looking good. In my experience, you want that nice cloudy brine after a few days. I would suggest halving and seeding your peppers next time. Just makes things a little easier when blending and what not. Also, if you're going to open it and taste it, make sure you use a freshly cleaned spoon. You don't want to risk introducing any unwanted bacteria and mess up your batch. Be patient with it and try not to open it up until you're ferment is done. Sounds like it's going to be tasty!

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