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  1. Same here, but given Millenial luck we’ll probably see an “unprecedented” 35 years of negative returns now.

  2. Honey only gets me free shipping. What code did you use?

  3. I’m trying to see what code was used but the order details don’t say. It does say free shipping… drinking may have been involved in that purchase.

  4. I really don’t like midway, wish some of the better sellers would offer this deal

  5. Yes. That pair will be big and heavy though.

  6. I love my ruger american. I got the hunter (magpul stock) and put a NF 4-32X on it. That thing shoots sub 0.5MOA groups with the cheapest surplus ammo I can find.

  7. Currently taking a bootcamp and hoping for something similar. Mine is a bit more affordable but hoping it still pays off.

  8. This worked for me. While on the home screen go to the top left of the screen, select the circular profile icon. The icon should be a picture of Shohei with your gamertag and RTTS player name next to it. This should load a screen titled My Ballplayer. Go to manage, create or change ball player, select the other player you want to proceed with. Once the different player show "active" by their name, go back to the home screen and load that players RTTS file.

  9. No California is better. Everyone should move there. Montana is terrible you don’t want to live there.

  10. Don't know if they still do it but you can get ones for singing up for emails too.

  11. I also switch the colors around so I feel less bad about myself getting dicked by the market. Parabolic!

  12. I feel like a dummy for asking but what does the most forward pin (in front of the slide release) do exactly?

  13. It makes me sad .357 sig never got more popular, I really wanted more guns to use it. It's such a cool round with great ballistics but only a couple guns use it and the ammo isn't easy to find sometimes.

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