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  1. Wait since when did we (europeans) shorten our worktime?!

  2. Been cooking my brain since 15 lmao. It'll buff, brain cells grow back...🤞

  3. 1.5mm dunlop tortex III, pointy and precise! They don‘t flop around like other picks

  4. You can use either the guitar jack or a microphone cable (DI). I‘m using the guitar cable right into it with neural dsp and that worls like a charm

  5. Wait, china has stopped with their holocaust?!

  6. Erstens das und zweitens gab es gerade zum Anfang der Corona-Pandemie einige "Experten" die ziemlichen Stuss erzählt haben. Da war es tatsächlich einigermaßen schwierig vernünftige Informationen zu finden.

  7. Also das stimmt nun wirklich nicht. Gab von anfang an vernünftige informationen seitens universitäten etc, WHO warnung noch vor den ersten maßnahmen und weitere

  8. Most guitar related stuff on amazon is crap… buy at a music store (online or in person), way less crapy products. I‘d recommend a vox mini 5 rythem (it has inbuild backing tracks/metronome) or a katana amp

  9. You dont loose any money during a reverse split. Just the number of shares changes.

  10. Guthrie govan, Buckethead, Frank zappa, Steve Vai

  11. 4 drops of liquid LSD, 30 minutes in I was getting open eye visuals, lasted about 12 hourss.

  12. Acid is just otherworldly great… after about 250ug and some weed its just pure bliss

  13. Pia all day long, i honestly don‘t like the prs that much.

  14. Just lost motivation for a short while but I’m back and plan on writing more stories including this one!

  15. Good to hear, your stories are some of the best i’ve read so far!

  16. Liquid. Not measured. It could be 100-100,000 doses. Paper is safer. You can't fit a meltdown inducing dose on cm² of blotter, unless you're already mental.

  17. You wouldn‘t believe how much lsd fits on a square centimeter of paper.

  18. I've believed it into infinity confined to a singularity compression break. We are good give us three ice cream cones.

  19. Wait a second, I need to take some lsd to understand this

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