1. Idk what you guys are talking about I’m still stunned that it’s been 15 years. I was expecting a walk thru from sf2

  2. That is so weird. Some startups really do the best they can not to hire, lol

  3. Because there’s a gate to another dimension where demons reside in there. Okay as long as you don’t have the omega key

  4. Not sure the metaphor is one you want... lots of people dislike Israel and a lot of people claim Jews are evil. So equating yourself to dark daddy.....

  5. Holy shit. Looking at excerpts it’s all about THEM and essentially punishment for insulting or encroaching on their perceived authority.

  6. How many fucking times do we need to explain that things in a PRESIDENTIAL LIBRARY are not in Biden's possession and are in fact part of the National Archive and Records Administration.

  7. Is it me, or is his hair ridiculously perfect?

  8. The US uses decommed peacekeeper ICBMs to launch payloads 🫠

  9. It boggles my mind that so many Latino constituents still vote for him. But I also know that people are weird and sorely misinformed. So. Here we are.

  10. Idk though it just feels like we almost just relived the 1930s in the US

  11. Oh spare me, as a 48 year old, next year will be the worst of your life.

  12. Any good reads on the psychology of double agents and traitors that you’d recommend?

  13. I’m way too lazy to google but I listened to a thing on NPR about how foreign states go about recruiting spies. It was kinda interesting.

  14. Vad e' det för mening att duscha då?

  15. This is why the aftermath photos of the streets lined with dead students should always be posted alongside tankman.

  16. That’s nightmare fuel too. I had such a clean picture of tienanmen before I saw them. Truly a Mr-incredible-meme moment

  17. I do appreciate them keeping it fresh. I can forgive rehashing of the conspira-tropes like “the Jews did it” but the application to tienanmen is just a treat.

  18. App, app, app! Det var ju en .357 Magnum! ☝🏻🧐

  19. Okay but hear me out, with the title like this I was expecting something COMPLETELY different

  20. When I first started dating my wife, while we were walking around a grocery store we talked about how "advanced" of a sex toy each bottle of alcohol would be.

  21. Not kink shaming but that’s an unusual first date.

  22. Seems fake. Hitlers title was Chancellor and not until ‘33. In ‘34 he changed his title to Fuhrer

  23. I hear it's the flag for Transylvania, hope that helps

  24. Ska du och jag ha det lite trevligt hos mig?

  25. Even that sounds like “trevligt” was used specifically to blunt any sexual connotations.

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