1. Love the second one, the purple ambiance makes him like a monster

  2. i can't pick a favorite they're all so good! amazing as always ☺️

  3. I haven't uploaded this ig(animated)...... Chigiri yes... Yes... I remember ofc.... ◐.̃◐ in few days ( ̄. ̄)

  4. As always, impressive :D I'll be waiting for the other versions too.

  5. is there a high resolution version of this because you isagi one had a better quality, thanks in advance 🙌🏾

  6. Kidding.... Well I haven't posted this in better quality.. So you can Dm me your mail... I'll mail you this o^

  7. Oh btw, this is one of my favourite panels from Manga, ever. So, thank you. 🙂

  8. All of them but I really love the first and third ones! Btw your coloring is absolutely amazing especially in the details with Thorfinn and Einar. You are extremely talented

  9. My thoughts exactly. The darkness they feel after losing her, but the light in their future that is VINLAND

  10. You keep using the wrong flair. If the fanart is yours, use the fanart(original) flair and add the OC tag. Keep that in mind in the future.

  11. That was the plan in this... But I got lazy ( ̄. ̄)

  12. Wow these are amazing got any high def pixiv links?

  13. Thaank you... No I haven't posted on pixiv ʕ•ﻌ•ʔ

  14. Looks sick, red version got her legs cut tho

  15. I like number 3, love that colour - number 5 is nice too. Cool art!

  16. Very nice, I always loved the lightning aesthetic and you really made it pop

  17. It looks truly amazing mate! I also loved his little dance :D

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