1. I'm a giant zevia soda fan, zero sugar and carbs. I used to be a alcoholic now I just drink 5 zevia root beers a day.

  2. That looks 100 times better then my first brisket I did yesterday.

  3. I usually just google search stitcher promo codes.

  4. I always forget to cancel and end up buying a month anyway. Which is exactly what they want to happen. 😂

  5. I’m my opinion this needed more contrast to start with, I would have gone for a much darker background. It could definitely use a touch up.

  6. I have a dumb question. Do people usually just put sunscreen just on their tattoo or on their whole arm? I still want a tan but don't want my tattoos to fade.

  7. And what was the sd card for? Did you get a new camera or maybe a steam deck?

  8. Looking her up taught me she does 3 South Park characters voices too.

  9. Hey, it's that guitar I made when I took too much acid.

  10. Mike really made me laugh, he was so concerned. I love that extra detail of seeing a zip line technicians frustration.

  11. Sturgill is about to make the best song in television history

  12. Flight of the Conchords enters the chat

  13. I am also a giant foc fan since I saw them on Conan when I was 10. I got to see them live and it was the hardest I have laughed in my life.

  14. I love righteous gemstones and Sturgill Simpson both so much. This makes me very happy.

  15. This photo really has the same energy the song does.

  16. This is the best sketch show I have ever seen. I need more Tim anyway I can get him.

  17. Let's wake up the neighbors (not really lol)

  18. Hit and run. Just rebeat the whole game on my steam deck.

  19. Tipped customers are always your best tip leavers. Loved waiting on other servers. Give great service and get nice tips.

  20. My wife and I have both been out of the food industry for almost 10 years, but we still tip over 20% and stack all of our plates.

  21. I've never worked as a server but i always stack plates, gather silverware and napkins. I dont feel super comfortable being waited on i guess and i also feel like it's just a decent thing to do.

  22. From someone who has served and been a bus person. We greatly appreciate that extra effort, it saves so much time.

  23. Father John misty. He never does podcasts and I'm a big fan.

  24. Loosing a sibling unexpectedly is a very tough thing. I hope you always remember the good times clearly, and keep her spirit alive. ❤️

  25. Lifetime American here. Never cared one way or the other about the term yankee. For me the term yankee just makes me think of people living in northern states during the civil war.

  26. Adult Swim put the show up on their website for free, no cable required, along with other recent Max removals like Metalocalypse and Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell

  27. Do they have beef house? I thought they removed that show from everywhere.

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