1. U might literally be one of the only people who was now wowed by 6x10

  2. AC: damn I'm THIS close to affording 005 engi, damn it

  3. AC: Sniper spam. Use 5 snipers. Two of them 220 and 3 of them 202. Active both buttons.

  4. AC: 110 alch in the middle on strong until the pinks are coated then switch to first

  5. Rhaenyra is also guilty of treason, incitement to violence, and there's a MeToo campaign coming after her over Cristen even if there's no conviction there. I think you've also got a pretty strong civil case from Velaryon LLC over the attempt to pass Luke off as the heir to Driftmark.

  6. What world do you live in Lmfao? Is your brain that twisted

  7. You could argue Laenor fled for fear of his life after one of his servants was murdered by the man that wants to marry Laenor’s wife

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