Unga Bunga Fanart (Berzerker)

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  1. Ever since the update im getting matches instantly which normally would take minutes. So yea i think they did something

  2. I parried my friend’s heavy and did the choke punish, then I teleported to the kensei choking him. I found out about this glitch from this

  3. More like "Ahh yes, its one of those Conq mains." moment like throwing anything random but wins anyway with superior properties of character itself. Those guys never know how Conq's moves are overall overpowered because they think they win because they're good.

  4. Can’t blame me for that lol he needs a rework ngl

  5. i play on pc and have no problems parrying lights

  6. Good for you bro, this post is catered to last gen console players.

  7. this whole post can be summarized with "good for you," you just made an incorrect assumption and I corrected it. You're catering to no one because this information is useless since all real games have latency

  8. Like I said, possible with low latency. When you have high latency, make reads. FH is a fighting game afterall. In the first place, I got this info from my pals at psn that are good players that you can still react to lights even on ps4 and tried it myself. I’m not even that good at the game but sharing this info might help someone out there since many players are having a hard time playing this game on last gen consoles.

  9. Everyone can dude, its all about hardwork and commitment. :)

  10. I have the same problem too, been trying to play the game the whole day but I keep getting server error messages. I played other multiplayer games which is working fine except FH lol

  11. He looks more of a black dragon in the teaser

  12. I was severely hoping to get a new black dragon, now I am the sad

  13. Rathalos is pulling Zinogre up to lock him in position for Diablos to perform the killing blow from below... into his butt.

  14. By the looks of it... I think its a cutscene in the game where 3 of them are killing each other.

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