1. Not sure but I don't wanna get into this can of worms given that Doom scaling is a nightmare

  2. Not a fan of some of the mus here but regardless it's still a good season

  3. Underrated matchup tbh, and is the better D.C. opponent from most other aspects imo

  4. Ruthless killers against demonic activity, one kills demons, the other kill elves because they worship demons. Basically they're both Doom Slayer on crack, cocaine, creatine, all the C's.

  5. Extreme wank for both sides + using a site that claims 1A is boundless. Average saving-falls moment

  6. Out of creator bias, it should be obvious but as a whole Fleetway Sonic vs. Carnage fucking sucks balls

  7. I had bad wifi at the moment and it told me that it didn't send, what do you expect

  8. No. Scott has great banter, animation potential, Connections that don't make me fall asleep and music

  9. Their other mus do this but better in every conceivable aspect. Also boring connections on other mus but not here?

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