1. Phasing out an artifact for 1 is a great way to avoid the trigger that requires [[Phyrexian Dreadnaught]] to sac a bunch of creatures.

  2. Do you just phase out Dreadnaught and not sac any creatures?

  3. Yes. When the trigger to sac goes on the stack, play Vision Charm at instant speed to phase out the Dreadnaught.

  4. Well done my friend!! This was absolutely spectacular. I’m a huge fan of MTG lore and have all of the comics and novels. You did a great job piecing together artwork from various old magazines, comics, novels, and cards (new and old). I subscribed to your YouTube channel and look forward to similar content in the future.

  5. Fellow app user here. Cool idea Hakumei on #3. I’d like that as well. So essentially when you click into “Decks” you’d see the headers of “Mainboard”, “Sideboard”, and “Considered”.

  6. For reference, what qualifies as old foil? I was just looking at some onslaught foils I bought years back wondering. Old foils = 7ED to…?

  7. I’m not 100% sure on the 2nd. My guess is Urza, Gideon (not Mishra), Liliana, Karn, Chandra, Ajani, Sorin, Jace, Teferi, Ugin, Nissa, and Kaya.

  8. CGC, BGS and PSA seem to be where it’s at. All others are not recognizable and likely won’t help much with your sale price

  9. Different strokes for different folks. Agree 100% that I would not want infants and car seats in the Canoo. I don’t miss those days…LOL. But my older kids would pop in and out just fine and love the seating configuration with friends.

  10. There's alot of lore actually and its gonna be a deep dive I suggest you start with the thran novel

  11. Agree 100%. The Thran and then The Brothers’ War. Both great novels to get you into it. Then research options from there.

  12. I’m a big fan of card collecting. Special memories with my dad and brother in junk wax era baseball cards.

  13. Assuming an unlimited budget and the capability of modern CGI nowadays I would make a live action film. I can't say what story line it would feature because truthfully I'm just not familiar enough sith all of them but here goes on who I would pick if I was given free reign to assemble a casting list;

  14. What source are you using? I’d love to review as I’m big into the original MTG novels?

  15. Jeff Grubb’s M:tG novels are the only ones I can reread and still enjoy.

  16. 100% agree. Grubb set a bar that the other authors couldn’t hang with.

  17. Do you have recommendations for which ones are the best to read?

  18. For sure! You’d start with The Thran and then proceed to The Brothers’ War. That is chronological and you could decide then if it’s your cup of tea.

  19. I never read TGD but really want to, now. I had a feeling this was setting things up for the future, so i'm glad it fit.

  20. It’s what I’m reading now and it is wayyyy better than Bloodlines which immediately preceded it. The author of TGD, Jeff Grubb, is the same author that wrote The Brothers’ War and his style of writing is very easy to follow and captivating.

  21. Hello - just affirming that this would be a really helpful feature. I currently have 38 folders that I would like to merge into 1. Within this there are 2,643 cards so it would be impossible for me to do that on a card-by-card basis.

  22. I really enjoy premodern. I’m currently building Goblins, Elves, Dead Guy Ale, The Rock, and Reanimator…so many that you already mentioned.

  23. Battlebox is essentially “collection of decks”. Though generally there will be a bit of a theme to them, and archetypes would be chosen to play well against each other. You might even strengthen or weaken particular decks which are under/over performing too. The general idea is that it’s almost a bit board game-y: you just take along to a games night and everyone chooses a deck to play against the other ones. Well that’s my sorta understanding behind the term, it can mean different things for different people I think.

  24. Awesome. Thank you. I guess that’s what I’m doing and didn’t know it had a name. Thanks for sharing!

  25. Ok. I understand. Since oversized Vanguard cards and gold-border champ cards are part of your app I thought I’d at least ask. I’ll be thrilled once you all have time to prioritize these 6x9s. Thanks for your response.

  26. Great question. I’ll follow along as I have the same question.

  27. Maybe related to speculation on the Inflation Reduction Act getting signed, as it has climate initiatives as well.

  28. Any one have insight into why we're +12% right now? Could it possibly be shorts that have positions in both $BBBY and $GOEV, considering what's happening with the WSB crowd right now?

  29. I love seeing the progress and am cheering them on! I may regret it but I did take some profit today. Good gains this week! My past stock experience would indicate to all that it’s now a great time to buy 😂

  30. Not sure what's driving this rally. Nothing on my news feeds. Shorts also returned like a million shares the past 24 hours and didn't borrow any this morning. Interesting..

  31. Agree! Up 13.9% on my feed right now mid day and no idea why. But I’ll take it.

  32. I saw it up as much as 18%. Huge pop for no specific news that I can find.

  33. A few years ago I set out a goal to collect every magic card printed from The Dark to Apocalypse (with a few exceptions due to budget). This was the era that I originally played. Nostalgia is a powerful thing. At this point I’m 95%+ done. There are just a few powerhouse cards like Gaea’s Cradle and some of the foil promos that are gonna be tough! The main two exceptions are the Guru lands and Portal 3 Kingdoms. Pretty much everything else is fair game.

  34. I’m not certain but it looks like that was taken at the parking garage of the Crystal Bridges museum in Bentonville. Gonna need to keep my eyes peeled!

  35. What a poorly written article that is loaded with opinions and generalities. Canoo is on a sharp turnaround success story with all the right backers and bears are trying hard to find fault.

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