1. Codemasters ruined the Project Cars and DiRT games before EA bought them so EA isn't completely to blame

  2. The problem is that they removed the best parts from Dirt to Daytona, the horn mortars and the giant running pit crew member.

  3. The only good thing about Andy Dick is that whenever he is mentioned, we get to talk about Jon Lovitz punching him

  4. I wonder how different Zapp would have been if he was alive to voice him, or what Fry's first name was since Matt named the character after Phil Hartman

  5. Any of the Hanna Barbara or Chuck Jones cartoons like Tom & Jerry and Looney Tunes

  6. Fun fact: Gretchen, the tall lanky girl with glasses is voiced by Ashley Johnson aka Ellie from The Last of Us video game (and played Ellie's mom in the show)

  7. Eh, it's probably more of a "I see how Kara acts and I've never spent an extended period of time with this guy so I don't know him enough to actually trust him".

  8. Some closets are huge. My first roommate's room had a closet bug enough to fit a computer, desk, and still had room for clothes and a sleeping bag. He had some girl move in with him and either him or her stayed in the closet

  9. Is that a flashlight in your pants or are you just happy to see me?

  10. Ina. I don't recall many yabai moments from her

  11. I dunno, she’s maybe more seiso then some of EN, but she’s got lots of yabai moments of her own

  12. Yeah I read it over again and it just doesn't sound legit at all. Too much and she said "blah blah"

  13. If the dad is 45 then it's entirely possible that OOP is 19 or at least close to that age

  14. Cursed. Almost as cursed as the

  15. Elliott Sadler has entered the chat

  16. My 2nd favorite Interstate Batteries scheme.

  17. Imagine planning a dream vacation to Paris only to show up to this 😂😂😂

  18. They'd get the most extreme version of

  19. I feel like it could be considered a therapeutic expense

  20. The local government is called the council.

  21. Do they wear powdered wigs at least?

  22. If there's not already a Skyrim mod where you can run around with the chainsaw from Doom, there needs to be.

  23. Either Chainsaw Man or Evil Dead and it replaces your whole arm with a chainsaw

  24. Those are some vague definitions

  25. One of the satisfying moments of my life was when a shitty employer tried to make me sign a separation agreement and I told them “my lawyer told me not to sign anything you give me”.

  26. Them: "I didn't think we paid you enough to afford a lawyer"

  27. Maybe they're just waiting for the cast to age 30 years

  28. Netflix does not give 2 shits about finishing a story. It makes it not worth investing any time in any of their content, even the stuff that looks good.

  29. TBF, they canceled it due to COVID.

  30. The fans care more about Watsons discretions than any of the players. That's how it always is.

  31. Reddit fans care more you mean. The average sports fan doesn't follow the lives of players or care about what they do off the field.

  32. Hence why they've never talked about it

  33. I wonder what happened to the watch he was wearing that day

  34. They're more on speaking terms now. At the very least they respected each other now, better than Rosberg and Hamilton anyway.

  35. I think the Lewis/Nico thing is more Nico being an idiot

  36. Can I add that Letarte, Burton, and Jr all kinda sound a like? Audibly that doesn't help me at all

  37. You can tell Steve apart from the others because he's the one not yelling

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