1. Well, it keeps me out of the bars and pool halls, that's all I'm going to say.

  2. futes dropping quicker than my wife's panties when i leave for work. brace yourself bulls.

  3. just started taxes. app starts me out at 5k owed.

  4. Pro tip: set wild limit sell orders ahead of rate decision because in that 5 mins of fuckery they just might hit.

  5. what are my energy homies doing with PSX and NEE now

  6. is there a new rule or reason why i can't mention tickers like Phillips 66 and NextEra Energy

  7. "lol, idiots" -Institutions between 7-8pm EST

  8. Made 80k today my head is spinning thank you Tesla for giving my life back I feel like crying

  9. Okay bois real talk. I been holding an NVIDIA leap since shortly after their lowest point, at what point should I stop diamond handsing this shit and just realize gains

  10. since no one asked, i'm officially trading 70% successfully (net all-time) as of this morning. Monthly gross income in the last 18 months is approaching 90% of my regular job income.

  11. But do you still get a discount on McDoubles when you’re not working

  12. yes but they keep trying to convince me to take shifts behind the dumpster for some reason I don't understand

  13. "There was fuckery this morning? We didn't notice." -SEC probably.

  14. No one is going to wish SPY its happy 30th birthday huh? pathetic.

  15. They’re okay used sparingly, same with fat wood. They can leave a little paraffin residue behind. Strongly recommend looking into the top down fire method along with getting a moisture meter for your wood.

  16. I bought these for the purpose of trying top down for the first time! 🤗

  17. They are great as fire starters. We crumble up the log into a basket and use a handful as kindling. It's the only kindling we use. Haven't noticed any problems.

  18. Dusty w does guided hunts, he stocks birds on his property, he uses his German shorthairs, you shoot the birds. he does pheasants, quail and chuckers tho. He’s located right by beltzville state park

  19. love to see this tribal knowledge being shared. perks of the sub!

  20. When Jeffrey Gundlach, Mike Wilson, and Jamie Dimon say spy to 3000, you should probably at least entertain the idea that the market is wildly overvalued.

  21. the more i listen to gundlach the better i tend to do

  22. CVS and NOC look tasty to begin positions.

  23. I like it because it reduces having to open the door to add wood while starting. It’s basically a fill it once, light with door open for a bit then close it once the fire is going. Also my catalyst is at the top and it immediately gets flame on it and begins heating it up with less air gap

  24. Assume regular paper isn't enough at the top to get this working?

  25. Makes me miss boyd and ava and dewey and mags and... sorry.

  26. Congrats pal. Lack of luck is probably the orange but I dont know what Canada regs are.

  27. Not possible to switch doors. Need to buy a whole new stove. They do sell new ones like the 2b classic. Not cheap stoves though. Very high quality.

  28. Bummer! Thanks for replying. Can you elaborate as to why not possible? Looks like its on a regular old hinge.

  29. Two totally different generations of stoves separated by about 30 years. The doors are cast slightly different. And these have machined doors vs the new ones have gasketed doors.

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