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  1. I can’t play this weekend no way I can get 4b kills I only have 1-2 hours screen time 😡😡😡

  2. “Uhmm acshkually it is impossible to drop minis when the battle already started” - 🤓🤓

  3. Oh boy I bet you guys can't guess what specifc brawler challenge I am waiting for.

  4. I think that 1° gadget would be kinda problematic, because the players could just turn around and use the Gadget, jumping on the enemy and healing 1200 hp while doing so

  5. Nope it goes out after 3 seconds of getting out of the bush, it just visually replaces yellow shield from star power

  6. Nope it wasnt from the offer. You had to watch world finals on youtube with the account your sc id was connected

  7. top slab first (against the side of one of the blocks), waterlogged second, and then lilypad third (because it needs the watersource)

  8. I wish there was an edit which started as this but cuts to the original porn after a while

  9. Ananın amında leke sülaleni sikeyim reqe

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