1. Why? You don't want to see the Defiant, Excelsior, Stargazer, Ktinga and Enterprise flying side by side kicking all sorts of enemy ass saving the universe? I kinda do ..

  2. The one with the Binars wasn't the same one as in Star Trek VI. I can't remember the designations. Starfleet built a few of them though. Now according to "producers" who need to explain why the saucer of the D is the same width as the A going through space doors ? The one with the Binars was of course bigger. Even though you , me and the fence post all know that's horse hockey.

  3. It would technically be a D refit. I would bet money it's currently being restored and not integrated with the rest of the fleet yet. I assume the other ships in the museum are

  4. Don't say" refit " around the producers. Pretty sure they don't know what it means.

  5. Matalas is an old school transformers fan . He mentioned to keep an eye out for subtle call backs to the 86 animated movie. Maybe you'll see some inspiration from these shots or maybe you won't.the Shrike isn't Unicron but it really is influenced by the bringer of chaos

  6. Made me so happy to see her again. First new footage I've seen since early 1992. Excelsior is in the background as well on the far side of the museum.

  7. Every time I see one that large I think there used to be Mammoth's walking around North America and some were even bigger than this guy.

  8. Your basil looks like mine did the other night. When you start cutting it down you start to realize how much you actually have.

  9. Oh of course, I'll run out to my truck and grab my safety shoes too.

  10. I saw that earlier but I didn't realize it was the Petrel. That's terrible.

  11. For any of those who are interested in our local Cascade volcanoes, Wikipedia has a decent image:

  12. I've seen this posted before and as a Cadillac guy knowing I'll need a truck eventually this is actually pretty attractive.

  13. No, that's why it's so weird to me. Death in general makes my stomach churn, death from capital punishment (especially involving the chair) doesn't.

  14. I think you should talk to someone about this. Someone not on Reddit. Not saying this in a shitty way incidentally. Something needs to be worked out.

  15. This literally doesn't affect my actual life besides something that just interests me and gets me excited/horny lol. I spoke to someone about it (have some heart condition which freaks me out so I talk to someone about it) and she said it's like people who have a foot/vore/inflation fetish or something. Except with me it's not feet etc but a piece of dangerous furniture.

  16. I get that. Quirky shit gets my bacon sizzling too but it doesn't involve capital punishment.

  17. You have yourself one adorable cat right there. Big beautiful eyes on that one.

  18. I haven't had the pleasure of eating a raw ghost pepper but I've enjoyed the experience of a habenero. If I had to guess I'd imagine there would be a degree of play between pepper to pepper no matter the type ?

  19. I have a soft spot for Right whales and Bowheads. I don't even know why. They just seem like the friendliest, chilliest and most calm out of the whole whale group.

  20. Oh he noticed. You can't drag an Accord sideways at speed and not feel the trucks performance drag. Plus the sound. Plus the mirrors. That Honda was fucking around and that truck driver was done with his shit and his day.

  21. That tune is old school. Like really old school. I'm trying to think of where it comes from ...

  22. I guess russia plans to charge Ukraine for destruction of historical artifacts. 🤣

  23. Vice put up a vid about this . Both the Ukraine and Russia are reactivating public war monuments to fight in the war. Shockingly most of them are firing right back up engine wise without much difficulty. Not to say it's that easy to make them combat ready but they are mobile. A tank and war implement collector donated a part or a great part of his collection to Ukraine with the same sentiment very recently.

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