I left my wife because I’m sick of everything needing to match her “aesthetic”

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  1. Yeah, because two miserable people staying married until a child is 18 won't cause ANY emotional or psychological damage to that child as they grow up. Nope, not at all. This is a painfully tone-deaf comment.

  2. Don't think the laws are the same everywhere. You can walk with an open alcohol container in Vegas but not many other places. Alcohol laws, pot laws, firearms laws, smoking - lots of very different laws depending on the state and city where you are.

  3. East Aurora, NY (near Buffalo) is another town with no open container law.

  4. And Orlando is already down in the middle of Florida. Start from way west in the panhandle, like Pensacola, and it takes 14 hours to get to Key West.

  5. As a NY native, I always thought driving six hours from Buffalo to Lake Placid was insane. Florida is crazy.

  6. You had me in the first half, not going to lie.

  7. And the mods oh my god. You can create a cannibal mass murdering nudist household with a torture dungeon under the floorboards shockingly fast

  8. If you're in Cheektowaga and get pulled over for any traffic infraction, then expect no less than three police vehicles to be involved in the stop.

  9. I ran out of gas inches from the gas station on William and Union, that station is built on a hill in the winter and I couldn’t push it up myself, instead of helping he yelled at me to get out of the street…

  10. I take that intersection daily to and from work - there's a Speedway on either side. It gets pretty crazy there, haha.

  11. Potentially controversial response, but any older/senior dog for me.

  12. One thing to think about with senior dogs is that if people all had this mindset nobody would adopt them. Our german shepherd/labrador mix is 13 or 14 now, and if something were to happen to us I would really really want someone to take care of her for the rest of her life, no matter how much longer she's around for.

  13. Absolutely valid and sensible take. That's also precisely why we continued with adopting our older dog, even after we learned she was older than initially advised.

  14. That makes my stomach moist. Looks delicious!

  15. Plagiarism was the case that they gave me.

  16. Too many Redditors think just because a story on the internet is somewhat ambiguous, they have an insight that the person who lived the experience missed.

  17. Reddit in a nutshell for you. Be sure to avoid subs such as

  18. A Club in Niagara Falls Canada has the seamstress who fixes the g-strings and outfits set up in the ladies bathroom. This poor old woman works all night in a stinky bathroom, so wrong.

  19. Was it Sundowners, Mints, etc? Born and raised in Niagara Falls, NY but ventured to Canada regularly in my 20s to Clifton Hill and the area dive bars.

  20. For me, the best thing about Dredd was that it was just another day.

  21. astronics in EA, Northrup Grumman Williamsville, Conax, Xylem, Linde, M/E Engineering, Tesla, Calspan, Hatch

  22. Linde has become a bit of a revolving door since the merger. Back in the Praxair days, it was a solid company but from what friends have told me, morale is now in the shitter. People are quitting or retiring in droves across all business groups, especially in engineering and R&D.

  23. For the last few weeks, I constantly got Men mixed up with Bros and was horrifically confused.

  24. What happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object.

  25. “Nuh uh, it’s only racist if I am literally wearing a Klan hood and burning a cross!” 🙄🙄🙄

  26. I could tell you that just by a quick browse of any Buffalo News Facebook comment section.

  27. And the WKBW/WGRZ/WIVB/Spectrum Facebook pages, local community pages...

  28. Lies are like a debt. Sooner or later you pay, with interest. Sometimes, truth collects by force all at once, in which case you get cataclysms like the fall of the USSR or the French Revolution.

  29. "Sooner or later, the bill always comes due."

  30. Their curse is that they are judged by one number : subscriber count. Amazon and Apple have huge businesses where streaming is just one element. Netflix is very non-diversified in terms of their business model.

  31. Same goes for Disney with regards to D+/Hulu. Both streaming platforms could go under tomorrow and I doubt it'd impact Disney too much given their other global revenue streams.

  32. "You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain."

  33. I just don't understand what this movie is going to be? I mean, I'm going to watch it no matter what.

  34. Seems like The Raid meets Evil Dead.

  35. Cleve-Hill Auto has always been stellar working with my wife and I. Very fairly priced, friendly, no attempts to upsell and no bullshit.

  36. I haven’t met many CO’s who weren’t hard core right wing, Trump ass kissing, lifted pickup driving, gun fetishizing, confederate flag waving loons.

  37. I mean, what skill and how much time does it even take to become a CO? I feel it requires even less than the alleged mere six months it takes to become a cop.

  38. Crabman on Franklin Street is a hidden gem that constantly gets top marks.

  39. My dad ran a small but successful business for over a decade but when my eldest brother started working with him he ruined us to the point that he almost made us homeless.

  40. A close friend of my mother's (we'll call her Maureen) was having an affair with a person who was also married (we'll call him Patrick). Patrick's wife, who we'll call Caroline, was quite mentally unstable, suffering badly from depression because Patrick was quite abusive and was always cheating on her. Despite him being a serial cheater, Maureen was sure that it was True Love, and was completely committed to the idea of the two of them eventually divorcing their respective spouses and moving in together.

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