Qatar won't allow any cooked Kosher food and public Jewish prayer

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C'est magnifique

  1. I mean if this guy’s dad liked it you know it’s good

  2. I would love to see your take on Hellraiser.

  3. This goes double if you are any kind of manager at a job, talking to a subordinate.

  4. 1000000000%. When she took over for my previous manger (retired), my current boss would always do this, with absolutely zero indication of what was needed.

  5. Great to see that James Gunn agrees that ACAB

  6. The art style was virtually identical to that of the 1981 movie, Heavy Metal. I thought it was a great homage.

  7. Dave & Buster's at the Galleria technically checks most of your boxes. Hatchets & Hops two spots down from Misuta Chow's has a full service bar.

  8. Weddings are a fully acceptable place for the shout song. I would take it a step further and say if either half of the wedding party is from Buffalo, it's expected.

  9. I agree. I photographed a wedding last year and one of the last songs of the reception was Shout. The bride and groom wore Bills Jerseys for the song and it was admittedly a great time and awesome to photograph.

  10. No, but they will be providing each attendee with a free cucumber.

  11. I loved the first movie and I absolutely loved Thor in Infinity War. Thor is his best when he's an overpowered badass that comes in to save the day. No more solo movies, just use him sparingly in ensemble films as one of the saviors.

  12. The "That's my secret Captain; I'm always angry" approach.

  13. I've seen more than a few videos on YT that feature the telltale "Analyze Media" notification for a missed warp stabilizer.

  14. Wilson isn’t part of the cast, but Cross is writing, so there’s a good chance she comes back.

  15. The only time I'd happily stick my dick in Crazy.

  16. Check out Buffalo City Mission. They do a big Thanksgiving meal for those in need and always welcome volunteers.

  17. I love ‘The Day After Tomorrow’. I watched it in theaters as a kid, when I was obsessed with weather.

  18. The one scene I distinctly remember is everyone trying to literally outrun the fucking weather as NYC froze.

  19. Is this the same MTK that used to be in Williamsville on the corner of Main and Forest? Because if it is, then I would compare it to an extra corn-laden turd.

  20. What was even the point of bribing your way into hosting a sport you have little history with if you're going to lose your first game with zero goals then make bad publicity out of any further attention you get for it? You can't even call it sportwashing if FIFA 2022 is just shining an international spotlight what a shithole the hosting country is.

  21. Elon Musk is mouth-frothing mad at how fast and efficiently Qatar is suiciding itself.

  22. Just to add,.. his ex replied to the post and it’s good shit.

  23. Several years ago in my hometown, there was an older lady on our local expressway who accidentally exited when she didn't mean to.

  24. DaBaby pulled up and said, "let's go."

  25. Shiiii... DeSantis would probably make him an elementary school teacher

  26. DeSantis would personally suck his dick, lick his boots and offer up his wife for beating.

  27. Post isn't even an hour old and it's already filled to the gunwales with weirdos snapping their own spines to insult these folk and defend some rando billionaire lmao

  28. I bought it on blu-ray for $5 at my local Blockbuster before it closed way back in the early 2010s.

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