State Funeral of HM Elizabeth II - final public send-off

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Things Not To Be Ashamed Of

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I needed this today

  1. Wonder how much TayTay had to pay to get her boyfriend on the list.

  2. And not everyone invested in DWD drama was a Harry fan. I’ve been following this because of Florence and her involvement in the film, I couldn’t care less who Harry is dating.

  3. I’m following it as a general fan of all round drama

  4. "The drama that unfolded during the shooting of this movie really felt like...drama."

  5. Harry is going to give himself a hernia with all this pushing, he doesn’t have the skills nor the look or build. Jacob Elordi is not British so he’s out, George MacKay is the only one of those with an actual chance.

  6. imagine being someone in government or a lord otherwise very famous and being told on January 1st "hey you'll be in the platinum jubilee and State Funeral of the Queen about 90 days apart"

  7. Didn’t realise Platty Jubes and Statty Funes where that close together ☹️

  8. It must suck for the two family members who’ve seen the most active military service, though their own actions, can’t wear their uniforms.

  9. Harry Styles(‘s stylist) when he realizes you can be on the cover of Vogue as a man and challenge heteronormative perceptions of menswear and masculinity without wearing an ugly Gucci dress: 😮

  10. I’m so glad the greats like Grace Coddington have left US Vogue now. the US used to be the edition the others looked to but now Edward Enninful is running the show and Anna is running it into the ground trying to stay relevant. Vogue doesn’t need to be relevant it needs to be revered.

  11. Bless her, she looks pissed. Gone from being the queen of England to being Trisha Paytas baby called Malibu Barbie in only a week 😔

  12. Dr neuroscientist: after many months of dating Kim Kardashian I can now confirm that she does not in fact possess any higher brain power

  13. If it’s a boy and he gets named after a Wrexham player that will be hilarious

  14. She sounds like a 45 year old divorcee who is trying to keep up appearances after her husband divorced her and she’s trying to get herself a new rich man.

  15. Also in London. We are currently giving boosters to kids aged 1 to 9 to try and get ahead but no outbreaks just traces in sewage water.

  16. I am, kept trying to open a chest where it kept saying I needed to be online for that.

  17. "a person was bad because they let me have cheetos" umm.. 👀

  18. Also shows her bad parenting tbh, no accountability on the child them self. Of course a child is going to have Cheetos if offered them but blaming it on the person giving it to them instead of owning up to eating them on their own accord. No one forced you to eat them child.

  19. If it’s giving you Diana flashbacks then imagine the flash backs it’s giving to Will and Harry…

  20. It’s bad getting dry bread but then getting the ass end of dry bread? Feels bad man

  21. Surely she was too busy haunting Kim Kardashian?

  22. Y'all know they explicitly say who it is, right?

  23. Wait I haven’t finished the main quest line, who is the ruler?

  24. At the beginning my headcanon was that we where the ruler when we where a child and then we grew up = disappeared which is why we have the same powers as the ruler

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