Android fans, what are the primary reasons why you will never ever switch to an Iphone?

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  1. Congrats on that, takes a lot to 100% a game. My suggestion for the next 100%: Elden Ring

  2. Seems similar to when Daft Punk retired last year. They hadn't done anything for a while and everyone would have just assumed that they had already been retired for quite some time. Lol

  3. Well when musicians retire it’s not really necessary

  4. Love the netflix and Amazon buttons they could go ahead and add a Disney one too if they wanted. I’m down.

  5. Mine has Amazon, Disney, Hulu, Hbo max, Netflix , and YouTube

  6. At Yokota rn and you’re an hour away from downtown Tokyo. Worth it 100%

  7. Did not like Yokota cuz my whole tour was during Covid

  8. I sprained my ankle grabbing a rebound in high school. A bunch of dudes from my school started laughing because of my reaction to it. I’ve never been more mad. Shit hurts.

  9. I sprained my ankle stepping off a curb while walking home drunk. Yelled "fuck” and hopped to my friends car(DD). Next day my whole foot was purple but it didn’t feel too bad to walk on so I walked on it til it healed 2 months later

  10. Dude what was it? I actually didn't pay attention in the off season so the decision still baffles me. Couldn't stick around 1 more year with Rodgers?

  11. Could be Aaron being an absolute diva 99% of the time

  12. Your cat deciding it's parkour time. I don't mind it when I'm awake but still scares me shitless at night.

  13. My cat is very loud. This is not usually an issue during the day, besides being annoying. Late night screaming hits differently when you're suddenly awake, and then he stops once you actually are capable of processing sounds because he woke you up like he wanted.

  14. As someone who’s cat used to be loud at night the best way for them to stop doing it is to ignore it. It sucks for about a week then they learn that it’s bedtime

  15. I love that around like 10pm my cat will start meowing at me to go to bed. Once I do he just hops on the bed and falls asleep. When I first got him he would meow in the middle of the night but he learned what bedtime was

  16. Imagine Rodgers throwing to a wide receiver like Adams. It’d be unreal.

  17. I have beats fit pro and before that had AirPods a little while after the launched so I didn’t really care about the aux port. As for an sd card I’m fine with 128gb of storage because I use Google photos for my photo storage anyways. It’s all just personal preference and I enjoy iOS and being able to turn off data tracking between apps

  18. 128gb has always just been enough to download anything I want. I travel around the world at least 3 times a year and have never had an issue with storage while downloading movies and tv shows. While traveling I can just plug in my case for my beats when they’re in use without any issues. It’s all personal preference

  19. We played D&D until our dorm chief started snitching on everyone he didn’t like. The people he did like just slept under their bed all day

  20. Hell go to Tampa like every fucking veteran FA

  21. Must be nice to have a quarterback that’s already made millions take a pay cut so he can get good players around him

  22. I think any QB should consider this strategy but they don’t because they are selfish. These $200M+ contracts hurt the team

  23. Yeah like I think Rodgers is more talented than Brady but the thing that separates Brady is that he’ll take less money to have a good team around him

  24. You know you can turn off change with buttons right and only have it turn down your current audio?

  25. I live in Alaska and just got back from Australia. I hate it here

  26. Yeah had a couple weeks in Virginia in between so that’s nice I guess. Still pissed I got my whole summer taken away from me lmao

  27. At least we ain’t like the navy and have random symbols on enlisted chests

  28. Like Euphoria, a legitimately compelling entertaining and well-acted show where they're on the cusp of adulthood...

  29. Drake might have hooked up with a 17 year old in a state where that’s the legal age when he was 23. Other than that all of his relationships he’s either the youngest person or there’s a within 5 year age gap. As far as for Millie she(the so called victim) has said time and time again that they’re just friends.

  30. And then if their fav artist is dead all of their songs that were going to be released have been or if they are old they probably all ready released all of their best songs and albums

  31. Idk Juice WRLD’s best album came after he died.

  32. Tbh I think a gus spinoff would be nice

  33. Giancarlo Esposito said he would do one but Vince Gilligan said that he’s done with the BB universe

  34. Little does OP know that one of the biggest spoilers happened in this scene :)

  35. Witcher 3 also sucked at launch I don’t know why anyone thought cyberpunk would be different. That being said I don’t like either game even in their polished forms

  36. After they left RDO fuck GTA6 Online. Single player is all they’ll get from me now

  37. This. This is what pissed me off. Whenever an NFC North team plays the Packers and there is a judgement call, it always goes the Packers way. I knew if this play was close, it’d be called short. I knew when it went to review, it’d be called short.

  38. Y’all still would’ve lost with another 7 points🤷‍♂️

  39. How is this not safe for work? I would SHOW my co workers and supervisors this

  40. Where there's a will there's a way. You can find a tutorial for anything these days :)

  41. Yeah or I could just pay not to try and do that🤷‍♂️ don’t really worry about saving $20 a month

  42. Its not about the month it's about the years you'll be paying it per month.

  43. Even $240 a year isn’t that much. What can I get with that? A month of car insurance?

  44. I believe there has been some dick sucking committed in the library.

  45. Majority of the time this format is used it says exactly what happened there

  46. Kurt come back we need your energy now more than ever.

  47. He just had a workout with the 49ers. He’s very active on his Tik tok and it’s cool to chat with him

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