1. Putin is such an alpha woke. Cry louder.

  2. It happened once in 2013 or something.

  3. Ig nó là gì để t vào khuyên nhủ nó cho.

  4. Just guard dogs. Vietnamese culture do show some temples being guarded by dogs rather than lions. You know why? Lions don't exist in Vietnam. In china, there are actually different styles of lions...some of them look more dog like in the south.

  5. Lions do not live in China either.

  6. I've been near to that point. There is a huge salty lake called Issyk Kul and because it's so big if you stand on its shores, it feels no different than if you're next to the ocean.

  7. Unfortunately you need some sort of lockdown in conjunction with mass vaccination. They didn't start vaccination while there were rolling lockdowns. And mass vaccination without lockdown is now too late to prevent an outbreak.

  8. The quarantine camps in 2020 were nasty. Very low hygiene condition and limited food options. Like someone said, similar to conscripts in a most remote barracks. Later that year people were allowed to quarantine in hotels and resorts though.

  9. No. The gov't wants to save face as they can't back track zero covid so they will allow some protests to show "hey this is the will of the people" so we will respect it. Then they will blame the people for hundred of thousands of covid deaths when zero covid got lifted. It's a win win for them.

  10. Hành vi trong lớp là hành vi gì? Thủ dâm à?

  11. Silly how? It prefaced the successful communist revolution and can perhaps best be understood as a pre-emerging tremor signaling the end of the prior era

  12. They weren't silly. If they had succeded, South China could have been an independent state that lasts until today.

  13. I think this was deliberately made in the style of ancient Chinese bronze urns.

  14. It was probably not instant. Water has an insulating effect. Even if only for a few seconds, dude most likely had just enough time to realize what happened, felt immense pain, then death.

  15. Wouldn't molten steel still be very hard and you'd just hit the surface and stay there? But I've read somewhere that it's extremely hot that your body would just explode like a water balloon upon impact.

  16. Nuôi làm éo gì mỗi tháng tốn hơn chục củ nó cho chịch mấy lần không được đổi con khác thì khác éo gì mày nuôi thêm một con vợ khác. Thay vì nuôi sgbb mày làm fuckboy rồi đi đá phò kinh tế hơn tml ạ.

  17. Thanh Hoa and Nghe An are the less touristy place. Good nature and sceneries but you have to do some homework to find them.

  18. What always blew my mind was that the Ancient Greeks were visiting something that was like 2000 years old to them. Imagine an ad in ancient Athens saying 'Visit the ancient Pyramids'. That's like us visiting the Colosseum.

  19. Actually if you live 2000 years before the Ptolemaic Greeks, you can still visit the ancient pyramid. It would be as old as the Florence Cathedral to us today.

  20. It's concerning your jacket's extended warranty.

  21. She found them? Why didn't she excavate and display them in situ?

  22. How can you read Vietnamese without learning to spell the alphabets?

  23. Trung cc chứ Trung. Bánh canh tiếng TQ gọi là gì?

  24. Chém hay lắm, éo có món đấy nhé :)) chỉ có 水晶粉 là một dạng miến dong.

  25. French ppl wanna get free stuffs from Vietnam again.

  26. Anh em Bắc Kỳ thiện lành vào đây sống đàng hoàng người ta lại chẳng quý mến ông nhỉ 🤔 cứ bố đời mần chi rồi gào lên bảo mình bị kì thị với phân biệt

  27. Thật. Nam Kỳ cũng gốc BK chứ ở đâu mà ra. Hoà đồng thì ai chả quý mến kiểu bố đời khôn lỏi thì chơi với chó hehe.

  28. Nói NK xuất thân từ BK cũng giống như nói tổ tiên 95% BK là Tàu thôi mà có gì phải xoắn.

  29. Highest: Turkey, Turkey, Turkey, Turkey, Turkey...

  30. What is shown as "Champa" is incorrect. This was the territory of the Montagnards. Champa was called Panduranga and it's located in Phan Rang.

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