1. There is really no big public forum on the internet to have nuanced, substantial discussion about current events tbh. The snappy one liners and jokes are the least of it, compared to astroturfing and bad faith participation. You’re better off with smaller communities that actually take moderation seriously.

  2. Didn't think Daffy would bring up circumcision LOL!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Between this panel and all the Looney Tunes Show memes I’ve seen…Daffy is underrated af

  4. So I admittedly won't be able to do the argument proper justice, but I actually have studied this before.

  5. I couldn’t really get into Super because Cell is my favorite boss villain and the Cell Saga is the definitive arc in all of Dragon Ball for me. Despite all of the nostalgia pandering and fanservice Super does, it inexplicably leaves out my favorite parts. :(

  6. While the Christian religion is the dominant religion in the US there are different Christian sects. There are twice as many Protestants than Catholics and within the Protestant faith there are many different sub groups. Evangelical Protestants number a little more than Catholics but even then are divided within different groups.

  7. No one gives a fuck because it makes zero difference in US politics. The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, the evangelicals, and the “nondenominational” fundamentalists have practically the same political goals. There only really diverge on immigration but not enough to make a meaningful difference on every other issue.

  8. Let’s chat! We’re about the same age and your gaming tastes match up similarly with mine. I need someone to teach me about the modern YGO meta.

  9. Well I'm trying to convince my roommate to run some lairs, so you could be our third!

  10. There's a whole bunch of videos on the Japan NBA Twitter account here's another:

  11. My in-laws are huge Warriors fans but….don’t understand sumo, I’m stoked to share these vids with them 😭

  12. I’m a gay dude that likes BL. I think anyone attracted to men can enjoy BL, but it is also true that the vast majority of creators are cishet women and I can see why many common tropes are offputting to other gay men. That being said, there is an excessive moral panic against BL in certain communities that is not only overblown but is also demonstrably more harmful than it helps. The moral panic against BL is especially harmful for the trans masc community because 1) trans masc people can’t easily jump in and participate in the gay community, so there are quite a few who see BL as an outlet for engaging with their sexuality and 2) many trans masc people feel invalid because they’re afraid of looking like “fujoshi who just fetishize men”.

  13. Looks like one of those hostage videos where it’s so obvious the captor is behind the camera with a weapon at the ready if the victim strays from the script

  14. Screenshot is from LinkedIn so your comment is especially true. If you want to see a pure dystopian hellscape where workers have been successfully brainwashed with a steady diet of bootlicking and ads, check out LinkedIn! Your department head, boss, and all of your coworkers are watching everything you do.

  15. I remember her and hope she’s doing ok. She’s no longer on Reddit because malcontents in the snark community mounted a harassment campaign against her and the sole mod of FS at the time. Basically she was accused of trying to harbor sympathy for pity points for talking about her deconstruction and road to recovery.

  16. Also broke the record to become the oldest yusho winner in the modern era too! Huge accomplishment!

  17. Good wholesome eye bleach. I am so happy for each and every single one of these guys

  18. No, no, let them do Superstar. I wanna see a Disney movie that TRULY bombs at least once during my life.

  19. Yeah, that checks out because Toy Story 4 was the last real theatrical release until Lightyear. Onward was in theaters for maybe a week before the lockdowns and everything else went straight to streaming. If you don’t have Disney+ then it does feel like Pixar did too much Toy Story in a short amount of time

  20. oh cool, we already got a blue donkey now is time for a purple... uuh... cat? Chipmunk?

  21. I turned to dust realizing that this wasn't a universally known piece of the cultural zeitgeist anymore O_O

  22. This book becoming cringey, archaic nonsense is a good example of positive social change that’s occurred within my lifetime

  23. I mean...Kallus is an amazing, and pretty important, character. He's been in the Star Wars cannon for almost a decade, and had such an incredible series spanning character arc. I guess if you don't like Rebels he isn't important but...why wouldn't you like Rebels?!?

  24. I’ve been trying to get into Rebels but the first season is more of a painful slog than early TCW was. I know it gets really good but I don’t know how much I can skip before I get to that 😅

  25. HotS was a perfectly fine game. I played it during the crossover event with Overwatch where they had all the D.Va stuff and had decent fun. I think the problem was that HotS was never going to poach LoL players.

  26. HOTS was designed for people who don’t like 15-20 minute lane phases in other MOBAs. I was one of those people so HOTS is very dear to me.

  27. Henkas are like free speech….it’s legal and should always remain so, but that also opens you up to judgement on how you choose to make use of it.

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