Was I wrong to dump my bf because he can't cook?

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  1. Ffs, we needed a bench bucket getter like Hardy. Why on earth? There must be another piece involved right????

  2. Fr he fell so far and we didn’t snag him

  3. How does a phone free show work with mobile tickets?

  4. You use your phone to get in, but they lock it inside a pouch that you can only unlock in the concourse

  5. Yeah that’s the biggie here. No way in hell he resigns

  6. My Boston is named is Bean too! Such a fitting name for these lil fellas.

  7. Still would like the pick, but Siakam would be so much better than one year of Beal

  8. No way in hell I’m giving up the 4th pick for one year of Beal

  9. Small market gotta swing for the fences on Sharpe unless anyone falls

  10. It’s not just his ability to cook. He sounds like a child himself who has zero accountability. My partner can’t cook for shit, so I do all the cooking. But she does laundry and other stuff. It’s even. This relationship sounds decidedly not so.

  11. As opposed to all the departing freshmen who played basketball for 4.5 months in college?

  12. Giles was the number one prospect coming out of high school, didn’t work out too well lol. Still #H4H tho

  13. Sure you could swing and hit a homer a few times out of ten, but I feel this is telling

  14. How’s a man get in with no invite though :(

  15. Download their app and make an account. Click the radar on the bottom right, there should be a section to “book your time with us”. Worked for me! But I have spent a lot of money with them so maybe it’s limited

  16. What a beautiful frosty bosty, wishing y’all the best 🥺

  17. I’m a primary Kings fan who also likes that Blazers and even I think that the Blazers would be getting fleeced to give up the pels pick. Roco all over again. But I don’t think it would be smart for either side tbh.

  18. Dip your dabs in it for the rest of your life, head rush is like nothing else bro.

  19. Gravitational Uranium Neuroblaster line! The op is so satisfying and has never gotten old to me. The melee is fun and goofy. Also since it’s so underutilized, everybody always digs it when I drop them one. If it had a vandal or phantom it would be way more popular. It’s like Buzz Light Year + Futurama vibes at the same time.

  20. Sorry, I should have specified I was aware of that. More concerned about using old tickets/not being able to transfer them

  21. Did y’all ever get any notification from Ticketmaster? My tickets still showed up the 23rd and I had to go in and re add them back. Are the old ones still good? Also can I resell them anywhere now? Kinda frustrating

  22. I have a Boston baked Bean of my own, it really suits them :)

  23. Pup needs more fiber in there diet, along with an asap expression

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