BetoORourke did not hold back when a supporter of Greg Abbott laughed loudly as Beto discussed the mass shooting in Uvalde.

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  1. Our Java was so smart and such a "people" that she learned to pick ripe raspberries off the cane with her lips and tongue. Remarkable Boxer at work.

  2. Even on junk it's hard to imagine 90 mph on a side street accidentally.

  3. I have no idea, but in the picture of her shortly before the crash she looks completely washed out and exhausted. Very sad.

  4. I despise bullies. "If you kill my reptiles you had better grow eyes in the back of your head. Now, here's what we will do, and it does not involve signing a damned thing..."

  5. Has anyone checked for pyramids under those?

  6. It'll happen. Voyeurism has been cultivated for a while now.

  7. Chamomile tea. Drink it all day, taper off so you're not up and down peeing all night. Make it strong. I covered a gap in my Ativan that way.

  8. Serious question, what would you take for a fastball HBP on the shin, no guard?

  9. Well I wouldn't smoke the spliff in the clubhouse so it can't count. And afterward neither can I.

  10. Dachsies have that stubborn thing going on and told like being told they can't eat something. A choke collar might give you a shot at slowing her down before she actually gets to something on the ground. And no, the collar doesn't choke them. It teaches them the boundaries.

  11. Don’t read/listen to Shelby Foote, he’s a Lost Causer.

  12. No, he's not. He's a Southerner who understands how caustic slave culture is to humanity.

  13. He is able to project himself as a man of that time in that time, and tell you truthfully what he would have done.

  14. I always had an awesome time not going places to do things where the first rule was "DON'T DIE!"

  15. Heh. The best places in the world have a voice that makes your spine tingle as she asks an inch away from your ear if you'd like to stay for breakfast.


  17. The drunks are chasing Martin. All of them, apparently.

  18. Being at a table with somebody doesn't mean you even know them that much, and even if you did that you support/share their opinions

  19. The point being that the perceptive among us won't allow themselves to be seated with their enemies, you dig?

  20. Life's funny about when you get to realize certain different things.

  21. Jim Brown. They had to add games to the schedule to break his records.

  22. There is no place in the Country that is "better", arguably. But you may spend most of your budget just getting a roof. But for me, I don't want a cheaper roof somewhere else, anyway.

  23. If you were in the HOV, I couldn’t tell from your post… how did you see the cars more than the one right in front or right behind you to know how many people were ridin solo?

  24. "You have to stand on this stool and use the binoculars."

  25. But a weapon isn't supposed to be used against ME!

  26. "If you have one true friend you have more than your share."

  27. You might want to specify location. This ain't New Hampster or Rhody.

  28. Yeah they should have hired armchair CEOs on Reddit who can judge business opportunities by headlines alone.

  29. I'm sorry you can't see the obvious. Maybe if you weren't such a prig people would actually converse with you.

  30. We'll fix 'em! We'll knock it down! THEN we'll see what they do about it!

  31. I'd rather be planning for the next Hell I'm going to raise or trouble I'm planning to get into.

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