1. Thank you! It was really laggy to begin with, I’m assuming maybe it didn’t get enough light before? I think once they start to form roots I’ll plant them in a hanging pot. Any good advice for how to do that or kinda just plant them and they’ll start to hang on their own?

  2. They'll hang on their own once the stem is too heavy.

  3. Thanks so much! Should I just try to plant towards the middle of the pot and let them hang off of whichever side they want or doesn’t it matter?

  4. The middle is better, I just potted two new plants of them, and for whatever reason, they always just hug a single side of it!

  5. This is mantle collapse, you can see way into the shell which mean it's partially torn from it.

  6. I added a cuttlebone into the tank when I got this snail, maybe close to a year ago? The snails don't really show much interest in it but ive kept it in to get some more calcium in the water column.

  7. Do you just add a whole stick? Or do you crumble it? If I add a whole stick, it's generally ignored, but if I crumble it, it gets way more attention, plus it dissolves faster and adds that calcium back into the water.

  8. When I didn't have floaters, they would find a way out, once I got floaters, they seemed to understand that they can't get out that way anymore.

  9. oh wow so they would inch their way out? man this may be more stressful than i originally thought

  10. Not through the floaters, but my lid before was secure, but I'd forget to close it all the way and they'd jump out. I had to patch two shells, but they lived for a year and the other for 4 years.

  11. Is there any where to buy moss this time of year?

  12. I get mine off etsy. But it probably is a bad time to start one since it's still winter.

  13. It's also not a cactus. African milk trees are succulents.

  14. No worries, I thought cactus a long time ago. And I have a red one, it still stabs my like a cactus every time I walk through my screen door.

  15. Definitely not a raven. My raven's leaves are incredibly dark green, I wouldn't call it black unless it's in a shaded area.

  16. Except when it rains a little

  17. I've been in California for 10 years, I've lost power once. And it wasn't raining. Someone crashed into a power pole.

  18. Humidity is ideal. I wouldn't water more unless the soil is drying out. A moisture meter would tell you that more accurately if you need to water more

  19. He could like the feeling too, snails are known to hang around currents. I think it's cause they get a little massage!

  20. I had a snail with both a collapsed lung and mantle collapse. There's not real cure. Best to euthanize. I used alcohol to sedate and freezed once she was unconscious. You can also just smash them, but it was too brutal for me to do for my snail of 5 years. Sorry for your loss.

  21. I have a question for you! Do you have to keep the same colored mystery snails together? Or would a gold Inca breed with a blue for example? What color would they have?

  22. i had a regular old gold mystery snail and blue mystery snail from the pet store. they mated and made golds and jades.

  23. Sometimes it happens, as I said, it's usually because of an ancestor being a different color. There's no way you'd know the exact genealogy of a snail you got from a pet store.

  24. That's metal, that urchin had a whole other urchin it was carrying around

  25. I had a photo of one wearing a dead on as a hat! I think I still have it!

  26. I put rocks in my for a while, the plant didn't seem to care either way. I removed mine because I have the soil up to high and it causes water to spill off the top of the plant.

  27. Yep. That's snex. Be aware that overmating in females can actually cause the female to die. It doesn't always happen, but it's very common.

  28. I dont think that's how it'll work. It's true that high oxygen caused larger bugs, but that was over millions of years of evolution. We get giant isopods now, but they're fully aquatic and survive in low oxygen and high pressure. MAYBE after several decades you'd see growth, but not on the scale of giants.

  29. I'd repot immediately. Drying out may take longer than you think and cause further damage to the plant.

  30. I use this for cactus and succulents. I do the same, and I have tons of happy plants!

  31. To agree with the other comments, I do about 50 percent perlite too. Also I live in the desert so for me it works well.

  32. They don't seem to touch hornwort and guppy grass at least. But yeah anything soft isn't gonna make it.

  33. Good to know. I also notice they avoid anubias too, at least the few I had did. When you have a hoard it may not last though. One day!

  34. I've kept adult spixis with amazon swords and bacopa with great success. I suspect my younger snails are the ones doing most of the chomping.

  35. Sounds right. I'll have to set up another tank soon then!

  36. I dont think it'd be a huge problem for the filter, but I'm not too sure how well it'll do long term since you should be squeezing out debris from the filter every so often.

  37. Anything that breaks the waters surface will do this. Keep in mind that bettas don't appreciate high flow tanks. I've also never used a protein skimmer, so I dont know how that will affect the water flow.

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